Posted by Jeremy on July 23, 2019 at 02:51 AM CST
The festive season is nearly upon us, and with it comes the annual tradition of opening small windows to receive indulgences. Typically these are small pieces of odd tasting chocolate but lucky for LEGO fans bricks are neither chewy or digestible (that includes the new sustainable, plant-based plastic that LEGO are using in their next generation of elements - so don't bother trying) so we get to enjoy a number of fun-filled Advent calendars, including Friends, City, Harry Potter (for the first time) and of course Star Wars.

With official images circulating the webosphere plenty of LEGO and Star Wars blog sites have become Yuletime spoilers for those who don't want to ruin their advent activities - which is why Rebelscum has elected to pixelate the thumbnailed identity of the contents of the 75245 Star Wars Advent Calendar. This means you can read on without fear of taking down your spoiler shields in case there are clues from The Rise of Skywalker in this year's offerings.

The big draw, as always, is the minifigure - especially the exclusive festively decorated character - and with eight on offer in 2019 there are plenty to go around if you are sharing the Advent calender prizes amongst family.

As for the rest of the offerings, there are a number of micro-scale (and smaller) vehicles, plus a mynock, a mouse droid, a mounted laser cannon and something new and different - landscapes. These include the Jedi island on Ahch-To, Echo Base's ion cannon and a Death Star turbo laser.

There are no clues what windows contain which treats, though a certain X-wing is shown flying out of window number 5. Unfortunately it isn't Luke Skywalker's. That would have been neat!

As a final note it would have been nice to have had a hat tip to the 20th anniversary of the license on or in this year's LEGO Star Wars Advent calendar which, for many readers, will likely be their penultimate LEGO Star Wars experience of the year.

And if I had my way there would be at least one retro, yellow-skinned minifigure in the mix - preferably behind door twenty-four! It's high time LEGO started reaching out to Star Wars fans instead of just the LEGO community.
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