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Here's the official press release form the park - it has been translated from German so it might read a bit strange:

Intergalactic event from the 15th to the 18th of June

GŁnzburg, June 7, 2016 - LEGOLAND Deutschland is the world of LEGO Star Wars, from the 15th to the 18th of June. In addition to the LEGO Star Wars model exhibition in MINILAND, the Bavarian family leisure park with an event around the Sternensaga offers all fans of Luke Skywalker and Co. special experiences. Building and participating events, parades and shows suitable for the Star Wars World and even an original Star Wars actors take the guests from 15 to 18 June at the LEGO Star Wars Days into the world of popular science fiction movies.

In June, the LEGO Star Wars model exhibition in MINILAND will come to life from June 15 to 18. In addition to the LEGO Star Wars model exhibition with detailed film scenes, interactive activities, the Fanworld exhibition, construction activities, numerous demonstrations, parades and light swords demonstrations ensure an unforgettable experience. Stormtrooper and other costumed groups take over the LEGOLAND Germany and let a dream come true for Star Wars fans of all ages. Several times a day, the actors of the Jedi Academy Cham show in the LEGO Arena and the park, how elegantly they can deal with the lightsabres and put forward gripping duels between the Jedis and the Sith. Highlight is the daily autograph session with the Star Wars actor Angus MacInnes, the daily at 11:00.

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The LEGO Studios show a Star Wars Film special with exciting and funny LEGO Star Wars films every day from 12:00 onwards in two-hour intervals. Equally popular among parents and children are the LEGO building activities: In addition to a mosaic, a large three-dimensional model of Jedi Master Yoda is to be created.

Do not miss out on all the small and big fans on Thursday and Saturday the parade of the costumed fishing groups through the park. Let's go at 3:30 pm. Over 200 members in authentic costumes then take a round of MINILAND. There are also Jedi, Darth Vader, and many other Stormtroopers. There are also galactic prizes to be won at the contest.
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