Posted by Chris on March 20, 2017 at 04:57 PM CST
This afternoon, Gentle Giant Ltd. revealed some major changes to what's known as their Premier Guild Membership. Marketing Manager Daniel Pickett and Director of Product Development Ashly Powell made the announcement through the Gentle Giant YouTube account which included the following highlights:

Starting in 2017, it will be an all-new Premier Guild Membership wtth 3 different pricing tiers and new levels of engagement. There will be no auto-renewal option which is important to note as many veteran members have been using that feature in the past. While complete details about specific products were not announced, we did find out that there will be more than one Star Wars Celebration Orlando 2017 exclusive and we do know that March 31st will be the renewal date for everyone.

They will be coming back later this week with a more in depth look at the various tiers, but for now it will be as follows:

Platinum Tier ? $150.00
This top tier will include access to pre-order 4 Mini Busts, a Star Wars Jumbo figure and a Collectors Gallery Statue offering which will include a Marvel gift. Also, later this year, Platinum members will be able to vote for a Mini Bust to be put into production. There will be multiple gifts to choose from and you'll have the opportunity to pre-order the ones you don't select as your free gift. Discounts, coupons and access to pre-order the Holiday exclusive and other event exclusives will continue as well.

Gold ? $100.00
This is more in line with past Premier Guild Memberships, but with more benefits than the standard PGM that we've come to know. It will still come with a Mini Bust gift, coupons, discounts, access to order the Holiday exclusive and other exclusives. This tier will also allow you to vote for a Mini Bust to be put into production later this year.

Silver ? $50.00
This will be the entry level tier and it will come with a few perks. This will be more for the collector that doesn't buy everything and just wants to test the waters to see how they like being a member.

Stay tuned for more updates as they are announced and check out the video below!

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