Posted by Adam on December 4, 2013 at 07:52 PM CST
Rebelscum reader Mike M. has let us know that are currently offering the Giant-Size Darth Vader & Utapau Clone Trooper 31" Figures as a value bundle.

So while you can choose to buy Darth Vader or the Utapau Clone Trooper separately for $24.97, why not take advantage of Walmart's crazy Cyber Week special and buy both as a value bundle for the exact same price!

UPDATE: It looks like Walmart has moved the goalposts.

Thanks to everyone that has either written in, or posted a comment to advise that the deal that was originally reported is no longer available. It would seem as though someone at Walmart realised the error and corrected the price, but just to prove that I wasn't telling porkies when I posted the story, here's a screenshot of my order confirmation that shows the two figures and a subtotal of $24.97.

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