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Star Wars Rebels is set 14 years after Revenge of the Sith and centers around events related to the Empire's expansion across the galaxy. Expansion requires might and Lucasfilm introduced us to some of the Imperial forces and equipment that give the Empire the muscle it take to make detractors loyalists.

Hidalgo describes a vivid, well-developed synopsis of how the events leading up to Rebels influenced the mindset of the time. Turmoil in the galaxy, in the form of a separatist war, created instability. The inner-core systems, inept at dealing with uncertainty, welcome the stability restored by Imperial rule. As legions of supporters align with the Empire, Imperial troops sprawl across the galaxy colonizing systems and expanding the Empire's reach. Further recruitment results in a massive army of patriots more loyal to the Empire than the fickle, aging clones. This army of Stormtroppers is mobilized, with its sights set on the Empire's next target; colonization of the outer rim territories. But as the Empire exploits the resources of colonized systems, slowly squeezing them with a constricting grip, an underground rebellion is born.


Some additional Rebels tidbits shared by Hidalgo include:

  • The concept art of Ralph McQuarrie heavily influences the artistic style of Rebels.

  • The Lothal system is the centerpiece of the Rebels storyline.

  • Lothal's terrain is based on concept renderings of Alderaan, with predominatly grass-swept terrains.

  • The Imperial army includes Stormtroopers, TIE Pilots, AT-DP (All Terrain Defense Pod) Drivers and officers, all inspired by the art of Ralph McQuarrie.

  • Original Trilogy purists will be relieved to know that Imperial Stormtroopers are not clones.

  • Imperial vehicles, such are the TIE Fighter, AT-DP, Speederbike and Star Destroyers are a hybrid of on-screen models (created by Joe Johnston) and concept art renderings.

  • Vintage Kenner toys--specifically the Imperial blaster and Imperial Troop Transport vehicle will be incorporated into the series with other nods a certainty.

  • The question "how do you get into a TIE Fighter?" will be officially answered. It's from the top, though there was some debate about the intent being from the back

  • The band of Rebels, whose story we'll follow, aren't ready to be revealed.

  • There is no confirmation if we'll see the likes of Han, Chewy, Luke, Leia et al.

  • The Jedi who survived Order 66 are living in hiding, but they are being perused by Darth Vader and his Inquisitor.

  • Vader's Imperial inquisitor is a Pau'an from Utapau, who wields a dual-bladed lightsaber.

  • Any remaining Jedi are mindful that revealing their identity could result in their execution so anonymity is crucial to their survival.

  • Star Wars Rebels premieres as a one hour special on the Disney Channel in the fall of 2014 then moves to Disney XD as a series of 30 minute episodes.
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