Posted by Jeremy on May 31, 2018 at 11:42 PM CST
"Thanks to advancements in technology, Plox has made it possible for every Star Wars fan to have their very own battle station in their home!

This officially licensed collectible was designed by Star Wars fans for Star Wars fans. The gravity-defying orb levitates in mid-air above the base using Plox's Force Technology.

The Death Star is ultra portable with a built-in 5-watt speaker that spins your favorite music. It features 360-degree laser-like sound projection with 5 hours continuous playback on Bluetooth®.

Even before it's out of the box I was enjoying the Death Star Bluetooth levitating speaker. The artwork on the packaging is so appealing that I didn't want to mar the surface or break the seals - but I soldiered on in the name of Rebelscum and divested the carton of its contents.

Though the box contains six items only three of them are integral to get the Death Star floating and pumping out your favourite Star Wars jam - because you know you want to.

The Death Star doesn't come with any hypermatter in its power core so you'll need to plug it in to a charger for a few hours before you set it up because once you have it floating it will spin on its own accord and make plugging it in to the USB cord an impossibility.

Once the orbular speaker is charged up all you need to do pair it with your smartphone or interactive digital personal assistant (a long-winded and generic way of saying Google Home or Amazon Alexa), power up the base (international customers note that the speaker ships with a US plug so contact Plox before ordering) and follow the instructions to get the speaker positioned correctly.

And while it is a bit fiddly to get it floating for the first time a few attempts later meant that even my 10 year old son was able to position it with ease.

The magnetic levitation requires power so this isn't as portable a device as most other Bluetooth speakers, which means that you have to think about where you're placing it. Considering it is pretty eye-catching this floating speaker of destruction doesn't deserve to be put in a corner with Baby, and should be given a position of prominence. The only downside of this is having to dust it occasionally :(

If there is ever the chance to improve on this beauty I'd hope that Plox could manage to squeeze an milliamp or two to power some LED clusters to help illuminate the surface and embed a green laser pointer in the focusing lens.

While there have been other licensed floating Death Star speakers the only one currently on the market is from Plox - the same company who recently launched their Bluetooth item finder - and can be purchased via for $149.99. As a special offer Rebelscum readers can get 20% off (that's $29.99!) when they enter REBELSCUM20 in the coupon field during checkout.
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