Posted by Chris on February 13, 2013 at 10:11 AM CST
A few weeks ago, we announced FanWraps, a new company that will be producing Star Wars vehicle graphics. The FanWraps website has just been updated with the pricing list for all vehicle wrap sizes and best of all, you can start purchasing them on Thursday, February 14th at midnight!

Official Press Release:

Your daily drive is about to get a whole lot more interesting, with Star Wars FanWraps!

In mid-February, the first Star Wars partial vehicle wraps will hit the road. Fans will have the opportunity to display their favorite character or ship on their vehicle!

Introducing FanWraps - the first of their kind in user-installed vehicle graphics and the only licensed
Star Wars wraps available on the market. Fans will now have the option to customize and install their own vehicle graphics, saving them both time and money. FanWraps are available in different sizes that will fit anyone's vehicle... and budget.

Star Wars fans, Nick Murray and Cory Pacione, founders of FanWraps, chose to seek out Lucasfilm Ltd. as their first licensor. "Cory and I wanted to take the two things we are most passionate about and create a business" said Murray. "It's a lifelong dream to work with Lucasfilm and the Star Wars franchise."

Star Wars fan has at one point imagined that they were driving a TIE fighter or speeder bike. With FanWraps, fans are one step closer to making that a reality. With numerous graphics to choose from, fans can give their earthly vehicle an out-of-this-world makeover.

"We're very excited about FanWraps and being able to bring the
Star Wars universe into our own" said Pacione. "Prepare to get some attention when you pull into a parking lot or are driving on the highways."

FanWraps will be offered in waves. These waves will be designed from artwork provided from the Lucasfilm archives. Future waves of characters and ships from the
Star Wars universe will be offered over time.

"The ability to customize your vehicle with your favorite
Star Wars graphics is truly unique. We are thrilled to be working with FanWraps to bring that experience to life," said Anita Castellar, Global Licensing Manager, Lucasfilm.

Having worked in the print and design industry for over 15 years, Nick and Cory have streamlined the process of manufacturing and graphic installation to bring affordable and cutting edge vehicle wraps to fans all over the galaxy.

Contact Information:


The first wave includes:

TIE/X-Wing Combo
Princess Leia
Darth Vader
Boba Fett

Layout Sheet Sizes / Prices:
Small: 23" x 19"? = $49.99
Medium: 34" x 29"? = $124.99
Large: 46" x 39"? = $164.99
X-Large: 54" x 46"? = $224.99
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