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I'm a loose figure collector. Where can I find a definitive checklist so that I can confirm that I have every unique loose figure? I know the term "unique" is a relative term. I would include repaints, if it were significant. There has been so many repacks that I'm not sure if I have everything. James G.

Would you include vehicle, beast, and playset pack-ins as well? Unfortunately I'm not aware of a site that tracks this information specific to your personal criteria. We do, however, have an extensive Photo Archive with tons of information that can help you build and keep track of your own list. The problem in putting one of these together, for a website anyway, is that everyone has a different idea of what counts and what doesn't. In the long run you'll be much better off determining this on your own.

I know a while back LEGO did 4 sets of mini-fig packs, which I think was pretty cool but I don't know how profitable they were. I was wondering whether or not they planned on doing a few mini-fig packs again such as Stormtroopers, Clone Troopers, Rebel Troopers, Imperial Officers, etc.. Except more then 3 to a pack.

Also, for those fans who collect based off of favorite characters, any possibilities of mini-fig packs for different customs sold together?. I think all Leias, Lukes, Hans have been done but they are sold in different vehicle sets. What about plans for the mini-figs or items not yet created in LEGO form that exist in the LEGO Star Wars line of video games? Ghosts (Yoda, Obi-Wan, and Anakin) for instance. Still waiting on Tauntauns!

Lastly, how come there exists only 1 version of Padmé in the whole entire LEGO System? I would think that there would be more done on her, after all she is the second most influential character in the whole Star Wars Saga. I mean after all, she gave birth to Luke and Leia and was the life force for Anakin/Darth Vader. Dave S.

Because of licensing conflicts, LEGO is supposedly not allowed to produce or sell straight packs of their mini-figures. Although it looks like LEGO may have found a way around this; they have two sets coming up that feature a few small vehicles and accessories packed with several mini-figures. Sets 7654 (Droids Battle Pack) and 7655 (Clone Trooper Battle Pack) seem essentially worthless except for the mini-figures they contain. It will be interesting to see how this plays out, if they manage to make this work within the licensing guidelines we could certainly see more set like these with other types of army building mini-figures or even main characters.

No matter what happens, I don't see much hope for sets of single characters, i.e. all Luke's or Leia's. Maybe over time and a few different sets they'll get all these mini-figures out there, but I can't see them doing it in one shot like that. As for mini-figs from the Star Wars games, I guess anything is possible. Ghost or spirit mini-figs would be extremely cool; we'll just have to see if LEGO can figure that out. Taun tauns? Now that sounds like an excellent pack-in with a few Hoth Troopers…

Padmé, Padmé, Padmé… Everyone's always screaming for more Padmé figures. First the Hasbro guys want them, and now the LEGO guys… Geeeeesh! I guess it just comes down to the fact that these are boys' toy lines and there's just very little consideration given to including female figures. It doesn't make any sense to me either, I've got three boys and they constantly fight over who gets to play with the Leia mini-figure. Hopefully as LEGO gets deeper into the world of Star Wars they'll find opportunities to add more Padmé figures to the line.

I was just wondering if you could tell me exactly what figures are ending up in the 30th Anniversary Tin sets. Which figures are repaints? Which figures have been retooled? What exactly has been done to each figure? It'd be great if you could fill me in! -John W.

Dan actually put together a nice little guide on all seven sets, for a complete breakdown look for these three articles previously posted in our news and/or photo archives: Prequel Tins, Classic Tins, and Cantina Tin.

Which Star Cases hold the "Separation of Twins" Wal-Mart exclusives? I haven't been able to find any that hold them. -DarthDudleyDoRight

According to their website, Star Case 4 should hold the Separation of the Twins figures.

I found my Death Star Gunner at a local Wal-Mart and there was a whole peg full of them. I usually check a figure if there are more than one of to find the best paint job and such. When I opened mine up and removed the helmet, it looked like his eyebrows were singed off from a super laser blast! Is this a variation or have all the Death Star Gunners been painted with no Eyebrows?

As far as I know they are all sans eyebrows, I haven't seen one yet that has them.

My bank statement says that Hasbro cashed my check for the Lucas Stormtrooper figure on June 22nd. As of today, I have yet to receive it? Are they moving slow on shipping all of the orders? Do I have a reason to be concerned? Who and how should I contact Hasbro if I need to concerning this matter? -Darth Parker

I seem to be getting a lot of emails about this… Unfortunately the only direction I can send you is to the Hasbro Customer Service website. While they probably don't know either (the offer is being handled by a third party direct distributor) they should be able to find out. Good Luck!

My collecting has slowed down over the years, but the Star Wars Universe still has a hold over me. I have been a fan from the beginning and I have seen the good and bad items related to Star Wars. Now that my 7-year-old son is a huge Star Wars fan, I have to keep up with what is new and exciting. Are there any plans to release an updated flight sim that covers the majority of Star Wars universe? I know you can fly ships in some games, but I am talking about something along the lines of X-wing flight sim. The game could cover all movies plus expanded universe. With in improvements in AI and graphics it would be great! What is the word on the Star Wars TV show? I catch bits and pieces, but I look to you guys as my soul source of SW news. My son wants to know if any of the characters from the Dark Horse comics are coming out? I know about Crimson Empire, but what about Rebellion? Keep up the good work. May the Force be....well you know the rest. -Matt Hartmann

The latest flight-sim game that I know of is part of the Galaxies On-line game. Other than that I haven't heard of any plans to release a new flight based game. Last time I heard anything on the Star Wars TV shows the animated program was moving forward, and the live action show was in early early development for sometime around the end of the decade. As far as I know the only other Dark Horse characters that have been confirmed for the Hasbro line are Quinlan Vos and Vilmarh Grahrk. However, considering the name of the assortment, we'll probably see a few others in that line.

I noticed the Comic-Con posting about Fossil Watches. Any chance of an Imperial or Republic Symbol Fossil Pocket Watch? Are the possible variations on Star Wars merchandise just too much to handle sometimes? -Darth Gump

While Fossil has made limited edition pocket watches for other properties, I don't recall them offering one in the Star Wars theme. As far as any possible future plans, I'll have to ask at Celebration IV or Comic Con. At this time I can't find any mention of something like this anywhere.

If you're a Fossil collector and have more info, please write in.

I just finished seeing the preview pictures from comic con; I was really surprised by the amount of die cast figures scheduled for release. I mean I could still go to the store and buy any one of the last four figures release in color or metallic finish. What chance do you think these figures have of actually making it on to the shelf? (That pilot Luke one looks really cool.) My second question would be a question I think should be asked to Hasbro and maybe you can ask for me if it hasn't been asked yet. The Galactic Heroes line I help my youngest daughter collect but she wants more vehicles and a Jabba the Hut. Do you think this is something that might be considered by Hasbro? And obviously more female galactic heroes figures, it's a little tuff to compete with Bratz. LOL and finally thanks for your insight I always enjoy reading your post. -Alexander V.

Latest word from Hasbro indicates they may have had production issues with the die-cast figures, thus causing a delay. However, I'm seeing the same thing you are at retail, and I know the next wave shipped to e-tailers months ago. I've also noticed they don't seem to be having any production issues with the Transformers die-cast figures… I don't know, not that I doubt Hasbro's explanation for the delay, but I just don't see sales of these moving in the direction they need to in order to keep the line going. It was a neat idea, but I just don't see where there's a real demand for it.

In my opinion Hasbro better figure out real quick what they want to do with their Galactic Heroes line. I've got four kids (a girl and three boys) that used to love these figures. Lately however all I hear is how boring they are; there are no ships and everything that's released is just more of what they already have. If these are targeted for kids, Hasbro better start putting out what kids want. Anyway, to your question; according to Hasbro sales of the previous Galactic Heroes vehicles have not been what they need to be in order to justify making more. Granted they haven't put anything new and movie related out there since Playskool first offered the line in 2002, but that's their story. As for Jabba; sounds like a winner to me - pack in a little slave Leia - should be a no brainer. Still, no word on anything past the first couple assortments for 2007, the only good news there is that Bespin Leia is in one of those sets.

I know you answer Star Wars-related questions, but as Indiana Jones and Star Wars are both made by Lucasarts, maybe you can answer my question. Is there a chance we'll see an Indiana Jones 3¾" toy line anytime soon (maybe when Indiana Jones 4 comes out in 2007-2008)? I know Kenner made a small line of Raiders of the Lost Ark figures in the 1980s, and Disney released six figures as an exclusive in 2003. Also, a toy company named LJN released a few figures in the '80s. Hasbro could definitely make a sizeable line out of the Indiana Jones trilogy, and I think both collectors and kids would buy them.

I have a real hard time seeing Hasbro (as a major toy maker) take on this line. Assuming Indy 4 will be the last movie, if it's ever made, the property just doesn't have the longevity a traditional toy manufacturer looks for. I think our best chance for a line of Indy action figures will come from a company that's geared more towards the collector market and not mainstream retail. I still like the idea that Gentle Giant (who has stated in a previous interview that they'd like to get into the toy business) is the right match for the Indiana Jones property. Odds are you're not going to capture a lot of kids with these toys; they will primarily go to collectors and fans that expect a higher level of detail. In my opinion Gentle Giant is best suited to provide that, we'll just have to wait and see. One thing's certain though; if Lucas, Spielberg, and Ford can't get Indy 4 off the ground the chances for an action figure line are at best slim to none.

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