Posted by Jeremy on February 28, 2018 at 10:24 PM CST
Thanks to the master DCPI list being kept up-to-date on, a DCPI tracking website and some super-sluething by a coupleof LEGO Star Warsfanatics it has been determined that the 75219 Gorgon (code named Solo set), which we first reported in our Summer '18 set reveal is the same as the Hot Wheels Quad Hauler Battle Roller.

However we haven't been able to determine if this is the Conveyex train or the Imperial Hauler, but with help from we've been able to build up an idea of what this set - or potentially 75219 Gorgon (code named Solo set) - is.


Imperial Hauler

Description: Front part and one wagon (probably from the train). No rails, just rain cars.
Figs: 4 to 5 minifigs
Price: ? EUR / ? USD / ? GBP
Subtheme: Han Solo
Pieces: unknown
Release: Summer 2018
Description: White ship seen in trailer
Figs: 4 to 5 minifigs
Price: ? EUR / ? USD / ? GBP
Subtheme: Han Solo
Pieces: unknown
Release: Summer 2018

The information received has been collected from the Walmart stocking system which - while this isn't conclusive - it leads Rebelscum to believe we're getting close to the truth.
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