Posted by Jeremy on June 3, 2016 at 05:31 AM CST
According to French language site Hoth Bricks and Dutch site Building Blocks these are the minifigs that we should see with this September's Rogue One sets:
  • 75152 Imperial Tank
    Minifigs : Chirrut, 2 x Tank Troopers

  • 75153 AT-ST
    Minifigs : Baze, Rebel Trooper, AT-ST Driver

  • 75154 TIE Striker
    Minifigs : Tie Pilot, Rebel Trooper, Shoretrooper, Imperial Soldier

  • 75155 Rebel Starfighter
    Minifigs : Jyn Erso, Cassian Andor, Bestan, Rebel Pilot, Rebel Trooper

  • 75156 Imperial Shuttle
    Minifigs : Bodhi, Pad, K-250 Enforcer Droid, Director Krennic, Death Trooper(s)
Though we have no way of knowing if this list is accurate (we definitely know that the set names are best guesses) it is worth noting that Hoth Bricks has stated "confirmation du contenu de chacune des cinq boites pr?vues" (which translates to "confirmation of the contents of each of the five boxes provided"). All in all this is a bit embarrassing for LEGO, who are hosting editorial representatives from the LEGO journalism community this week.
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