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New: Vintage Packs:
Ewok Pack
Yavin Pilot Pack

New: Vintage Collection Action Figures:

Vintage Carbonite Chamber 7-Pack
VC108 - Jar Jar Binks
VC109 - Clone Trooper Lieutenant
VC110 - Shock Trooper
VC111 - Princess Leia
VC112 - Sandtrooper
VC115 - Darth Vader

The Lost Wave
EP1 - Jar Jar Binks
EP2 - Clone Trooper Lieutenant
EP3 - Shock Trooper
EP4 - Sandtrooper
EP5 - Princess Leia
EP6 - Darth Vader

New: Clone Wars Action Figures:
CW15 - Ahsoka - Scuba Gear
CW16 - Super Battle Droid - Training Droid
CW17 - Clone Commander Wolffe

In Stock: Vintage 3-Pack:
Villain Set
Droid Set

New: Vintage Vehicles:
Scout Walker AT-ST

New: Calendars:
The Art of Star Wars Comics - 16 month Oversized Calendar

New: Posters:
Pepsi and Lay's Poster Set of 3 - Episode I
Star Wars Episode I - Lay's Can't Resist Posters
R2-D2 - Lay's Can't Resist Poster
Obi-Wan Kenobi - Lay's Can't Resist Poster
Darth Maul - Lay's Can't Resist Poster

New: The Saga Collection:
Wave 11 - Wal-Mart Exclusive - Set of 5
Wave 10 - Saga Collection - Set of 7
Wave 9 - Saga Collection - Set of 5
Wave 8 - Saga Collection - Set of 5
Wave 7 - Battle of Naboo - Set of 6
Wave 6 - Battle of Endor - Set of 8
Wave 5 - Escape from Mos Eisley and Bespin Confession Set of 8
Wave 4 - Battle of Coruscant - Set of 9
Wave 3 - Battle of Geonosis - Set of 8
Wave 2 - Battle of Hoth - Set of 9
Wave 1 - Battle of Carkoon Set of 6

Celebration Anaheim Survival Guide
Moving into our nineteenth year of shooting Star Wars collectibles, we pause for a moment to consider legacy. Our photography is obviously recognizable because of the blue background, but looking further back, especially after we published The Man Who Shot Luke Skywalker galleries last December, we've put our minds to offering more classic Kenner backgrounds to our galleries. Follow this link to have a look and then let us know if you'd like to continue to explore this train of thought.
Focus on the Rebelscum legacy and keep it blue.
I love the nod to Kenner's history. I'd love to see Rebelscum embrace a more colourful vision.
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