Welcome to Rebelscum's annual coverage of the International Toy Fair in New York City! Toy Fair is a chance for toy buyers and industry professionals to check out the product lines for the coming year from all the major (and minor) toy manufacturers. This is the year when STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS rolls into theaters and onto TV screens, and there will be no shortage of cool toys and collectibles representing the new animated direction our favorite hobby is taking!

Just like in previous years, we've sent a couple of our top men to the Big Apple, Dan Curto and D. Martin Myatt, to continue their tradition of bringing you the latest and greatest news from one of the industries biggest events. Be sure to come back all weekend long for more reports and photo galleries.

The Curto/Myatt dynamic duo will also be covering non-SW toy lines over at our sister-site Cool Toy Review. If you have any interest at all in toys that didn't come from a galaxy far, far away, that is a website you won't want to miss!


Update - February 16:

Gentle Giant Ltd.
Special Announcement - Rebelscum.com Exclusive Lt. Renz Mini-Bust
Gallery - Rebelscum.com Exclusive Lt. Renz Mini-Bust

Diamond Select Toys
Special Announcement - Diamond Select Toys To Produce Star Wars Toys

Gallery - Hasbro Presentation

Update - February 17:

Force-Cast: Special Report - Toy Fair 2008 Browse the photos while listening to this special Force-Cast "Curto-Cast" from the showroom floor of Toy Fair 2008!

Gentle Giant Ltd.
Gallery - Star Wars Animated Maquettes
Gallery - Star Wars Classics Busts
Gallery - Star Wars Kustomz
Gallery - Star Wars Mini-Busts
Gallery - Star Wars Statues
Gallery - And The Rest!
Video Tour - Star Wars

Diamond Select Toys
Special Report - Diamond Select Toys Star Wars Details

Gallery - The Clone Wars
Gallery - The Legacy Collection
Gallery - Comic Packs
Gallery - Battle Packs
Gallery - Evolutions
Gallery - Unleashed Battle Packs
Gallery - Galactic Heroes
Gallery - Mighty Muggs
Gallery - Exclusives
Gallery - AT-TE ("The Beast")
Gallery - Role Playing, Transformers, Games, etc

Update - February 18:
Gallery - Star Wars
Video Tour - Star Wars

Special Report - Hasbro's Q&A: Toy Fair Edition!
Video Tour - Star Wars

Update - February 19:
Jakks Pacific Inc.
Gallery - Jakks Pacific Creepy Crawlers
Video Tour - Jakks Pacific Creepy Crawlers

Update - February 20:
Special Report - This Year's UGH?

Update - February 26:
Special Report - Wrap-Up of Hasbro's Star Wars

Update - February 27:
Special Report - Hasbro Star Wars Print

Update - March 2:
Gentle Giant Ltd.
Video Tour - Star Wars Kustomz and Classics Bust Exclusive