Welcome to Rebelscum's annual coverage of the International Toy Fair in New York City! Toy Fair is a chance for toy buyers and industry professionals to check out the product lines for the coming year from all the major (and minor) toy manufacturers. This year will be unlike the previous years as the companies offer new products to a country not eager to part with their hard-earned money. With economic woes weighing heavily over the heads of everyone attending the 2009 International Toy Fair, we're expecting to see smaller, yet more desirable collections from fewer companies than we've seen since the 1995 relaunch of Star Wars collectibles.

Continuing their long run, Rebelscum teammates Dan Curto and D. Martin Myatt bring you the latest and greatest news from one of the industries biggest events. Be sure to come back all week long for more reports and photo galleries.

Diamond Select Toys
On Saturday, our first Toy Fair appointment was with Diamond Select Toys, who showed off the complete line of Ultimate Quarter Scale figures to date, including Mos Eisley Han Solo, Emperor's Royal Guard, and the Dark Lord of the Sith himself...Darth Vader! Check them all out for yourself in our first Toy Fair gallery! We also got to see the figural banks, including a new one: Episode I Yoda on Jedi High Council chair!
  • Gallery: Ultimate Quarter Scale/ Banks Part 1
  • Gallery: Ultimate Quarter Scale Part 2

  • The Rest of DST's Showroom can be seen at Cool Toy Review

    Our next Toy Fair meeting was in the Kotobukiya showroom! Check out the latest from the ArtFX+ line, featuring characters from The Clone Wars, including a prototype of the upcoming exclusive Commander Fox!
  • Gallery: Star Wars The Clone Wars

    The Rest of Kotobukiya's Showroom can be seen at Cool Toy Review

    Our Toy Fair coverage continued with a special Collectors Event by Hasbro, including a tour of the showroom, featuring all the great new Star Wars from The Legacy Collection, The Clone Wars, and more. We're still processing all the info given today, so stay tuned for a lot more info. Quick version: a lot of rumors were dead on! ;)
  • Gallery: Star Wars Figures Part 1
  • Gallery: Star Wars Figures Part 2

  • Watch The Turbo Tank In Action!

  • As part of the Hasbro Toy Fair experience at the Times Center, we were given a few different flash drives complete with the images from the collectors' panel. So, for your viewing pleasure, enjoy all the great official Hasbro images and press releases from the Star Wars presentation. And as a special bonus update, the actual presentation was made available too.
  • Press Release: Star Wars Presentation Information
  • Gallery: Star Wars Panel Presentation

  • The Rest of Hasbro's Showroom can be seen at Cool Toy Review

    Uncle Milton
    On Sunday, we headed over to the Javits Center, where we checked out a NEW company producing Star Wars toys. We couldn't resist playing around outside the secret room over at the Uncle Milton booth, but what we saw inside was even more impressive. This is a line that's a lot of fun for kids of all ages...and educational too.Uncle Milton has created a really fun selection of toys that kids of all ages will enjoy. By combining elements from Earth with those from a galaxy far, far away, fans can not only hone their Force skills, but also learn about our own planet. Plus, we got to see just how high Dan's midichlorian count is, as he gave one toy a try and used the Force!
  • Report: Uncle Milton Intro
  • Report: Uncle Milton Booth
  • Press Release: Star Wars Science

    While walking around the rest of the booths at the Javits Center (in between other non-Star Wars appointments), here are a few other Star Wars offerings we spotted on display:

    Comic Images:
    Report: Star Wars and Marvel Comics Items

    Report: Star Wars Bobble Heads

    Scholastic Books:
    Report: Star Wars Books

    Underground Toys
  • Gallery: Star Wars Toys

  • Gallery: Star Wars Statues

  • Gallery: Star Wars Items

    Jakks Pacific
  • Gallery: Star Wars Toys