by Dan Curto and D. Martin Myatt

Welcome to Rebelscum's annual coverage of the International Toy Fair in New York City! Toy Fair is a chance for toy buyers and industry professionals to check out the product lines for the coming year from all the major (and minor) toy manufacturers.

Continuing their long run, Rebelscum teammates Dan Curto and D. Martin Myatt bring you the latest and greatest news from one of the industries biggest events. In what was surely a good omen for the show, they lucked out with a very appropriate room number at the hotel.

This year's Toy Fair was quite different than previous years, where many of the companies have private showrooms scattered throughout the city. This year, nearly all of them are located at the Jacob Javits Center, which means that it is a little easier to cover them all in one location, but that also means the event does not begin until Sunday, nearly a day later than usual.

February 12, 2010

Toy Fair Sneak Peek
As expected, a lot of information was revealed during Toy Fair, but as an added bonus, we had a few juicy reports the day before, which just added to the anticipation...
  • Special Report: Hasbro's The Vintage Collection Preview
  • Press Release: Hasbro Star Wars Toy Fair Secrets Revealed!

  • February 13, 2010

    This year's Toy Fair coverage kicked off on Saturday with the one company that still maintains its own separate showroom: Hasbro. Taking over The Times Center, Hasbro once again held a 5-hour Collectors Event where all media and collectors gathered together for a presentation covering the latest and upcoming toy lines from Marvel Comics, G.I.Joe, Transformers, and of course, Star Wars. After the presentation, the meeting moved downstairs into the showroom, where an organized chaos took place...photographers scrambled to take pictures, and reporters tried to pull out more news from the representatives.

  • Special Report: Hasbro Star Wars Quick Hits
  • Gallery: Hasbro Star Wars Gallery
  • Gallery: The Vintage Collection
  • Gallery: Hasbro Star Wars Presentation Gallery
  • Gallery: The Clone Wars & All The Other Figures
  • Gallery: Hasbro Star Wars Press Photos
  • Special Report: Hasbro's The Vintage Collection Write-Up
  • Gallery: Hasbro Star Wars The Clone Wars Press Photos
  • Special Report: Hasbro's The Clone Wars Write-Up
  • Gallery: Even More Hasbro Star Wars
  • Gallery: Hasbro Star Wars Speed Stars
  • Video Report: Check Out The BMFAT-AT In Action!
  • Video Report: Remote Controlled Millennium Falcon

  • Still, it's the type of chaos that we fans thrive on...and while there is always a sense of competition, it's always great to talk to fellow photojournalists (and fellow fans), as we compare notes and talk about the new reveals. The Star Wars display is always the most crowded, and although there is a schedule to follow, it is quickly tossed aside shortly after the showroom opens. Still, we get as much info as we can, eager to bring the news to our readers.

    Check out the action of the new AT-AT!

    Check out the action of the new remote control Millennium Falcon!

    The rest of Hasbro's Showroom can be seen at Cool Toy Review

    February 14, 2010

    Just a quick gripe...WHY does Toy Fair always take place on Valentine's Day? This is terrible planning for those of us who have significant others patiently waiting at home. For the past 6 years I have spent the holiday away from my wife, and I'd love to see the date pushed to another weekend...

    Anyway, Sunday was the first official day of Toy Fair, and also the busiest day for us this year, with numerous appointments throughout the day for both Rebelscum and Cool Toy Review. Covering both sites for an event like this is a LOT of work, and while a number of the Star Wars licensees did not attend this year's Toy Fair, we still found the "power of the Force" from other companies and their products based on that galaxy far, far away...

    Diamond Select Toys
    Our first appointment on Sunday was with Diamond Select Toys, who had quite a few new Star Wars products to display. The figural banks continue with some new additions, including a first look at the Clone Trooper banks that everyone will be hunting for at San Diego Comic-Con. The Commander Cody bank will be sold as shown here, but if you participate in the "Clone Hunt", you can track down additional banks throughout the show (the 501st Trooper was not shown), then come back and get additional accessories for unmasked head and an alternate hand with rifle.

    The Ultimate Quarter Scale line continues with some new characters...including an Episode III Clone Trooper that we can't show, but it looks great. The armor is removable, and it's assumed that more repaints will be coming should this one sell through. There is some concern over the lack of Clone Trooper dialogue, as Diamond's license is limited to the films, not the animated show.
  • Gallery: Diamond Select Toys Overview
  • Gallery: The Diamond Select Toys Booth

  • The rest of Diamond Select Toys' booth can be seen at Cool Toy Review

    Funko had a great display of their popular bobbleheads line, including a great new Monster Mash series, and a funky cool figural lamp/clock line.
  • Gallery: Funko products

  • Kotobukiya
    There wasn't really a lot of Star Wars on display from Kotobukiya during this year's Toy Fair, but I did get to see the new lightsaber chopsticks (Luke Skywalker, Mace Windu, and best of all, Darth Maul...whose blades fit together into one!) In addition, we got a special sneak peek at a new line that will be coming this year...and it's unlike anything you have seen before.
  • Gallery: Kotobukiya products

  • Uncle Milton
    The Star Wars Science line from Uncle Milton continues in 2010, with all-new toys that expand the imagination for kids of all ages. We had a scheduling conflict arise last-minute, but Uncle Milton was kind enough to let me shoot our gallery a day early.
  • Gallery: Uncle Milton products

  • Cardinal Industries
    In between appointments, I was able to walk around Toy Fair for a bit, and I came across a cool display of Star Wars puzzles by Cardinal Industries. Mostly based on artwork from The Clone Wars, you can also see they have plans for lenticular puzzles, and well as scenes from the films.
  • Gallery: Cardinal Industries puzzles

  • Miscellaneous Star Wars
    Finally, here are some random Star Wars stuff on display from companies like Comic Images, Tyme Machines, and more.
  • Gallery: Random Star Wars On Display

  • ForceCast Special Report
    Once again sticking to our "No Fan Left Behind!" motto, I made a wrap-up report from Toy Fair with a special report from the event. While we discussed a lot from New York City, there's a lot more to go don't be shocked if we record a follow-up report!

    That wraps up 2010's Toy Fair reports. This was without a doubt the smoothest coverage we've ever done, and it's clear that the "power of Star Wars" continues to remain a driving force with fans and collectors. See you next year!