Darth Maul & Owen Lars

Source: Expanded Universe:
Star Wars: Visionaires
Year: 2010
(San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive)
Retail: $14.99
Assortment: Exclusive Figures
Assortment Number: 91773
UPC Number:
6 56569 43839 7
Weapons and Accessories:

  • Lighstaber
  • Removable Blades
  • Rifle
  • Robe
  • Star Wars: Visionairies reprint comic book (partial*)
  • Comments: Owen Lars fights Darth Maul to protect the life of his young nephew, Luke Skywalker. The Sith apprentice has returned from the dead to hunt down Obi-Wan Kenobi, the Jedi who destroyed his life. Owen's quiet moisture farm on Tatooine becomes the scene of a deadly battle between the forces of good and evil.

    Points of Interest:
  • Darth Maul is an all-new figure.
  • Owen Lars is an all-new figure.
  • For more information on the Dark Horse Comics Star Wars: Visionairies comic book series, check out our cover gallery.
  • * As an added bonus, the "Marked" story from Star Wars Tales #24 is also included in this issue.
  • Photography by Dan Curto

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