Star Wars: Jedi – Aayla Secura
August 2003
40ppg, $4.99

Script: John Ostrander
Penciler, Cover Artist: Jan Duursema
Inker: Dan Parsons
Colorist, Cover Artist: Brad Anderson
Letterer: Sno Cone Studios
Book Design: Dave Nestelle
Assistant Editor: Jeremy Barlow
Editor: Randy Stradley
Publisher: Mike Richardson

Aayla Secura (uses alias Tuulaa Doneeta)

Tholme (uses alias Miles Croft), Kit Fisto, Elsah'sai'Moro (dies), clone trooper, An'ya Kuro (The Dark Woman) (uses alias Saba), T'ra Saa, Vien'sai'Malloc, Aven'sai'Ulrahk, Devaronian Guard, Fenn Booda, Xiaan Amersu

Aurra Sing

Quinlan Vos


camera droid, R2 Unit

Devaron, Oovo IV

supply cruiser (space debris), Republic assault ship

training remote, bacta tank

Swoop bike

According to the inside cover, the events in this issue takes place 27 weeks after the Battle of Geonosis.

This issue reveals the real name of the Dark Woman as An'ya Kuro. Aurra Sing mentions the dark Woman as her former teacher, but also the fact that Anzati assassins taught her much of what she knows and even implanted the antenna on her head so she can taste the fear of her victims. She was previously kidnapped by star pirates from Ord Namur.

Aayla's turn to the dark side came in Star Wars #32-35.

The final flashback between Aayla and Vos on Ryloth takes place just before they have their memories wiped. Their next appearances are in Star Wars #19.

Montellian Serat is the location where Kardue'sai'Malloc (aka Labria, the Devaronian in A New Hope) executed over 700 of his countrymen at the request of the Empire.

When Aayla, Tholme and An'ya enter the Senator's residence the readouts on the camera screen are in Aurabesh. They translate to the same text that is being read by the computer voice.
ID: Tuulaa Doneeta Father, Kas Doneeta, Ryloth Ven Principa Ind Trade

ID: Miles Croft Veteran (S)tark Hype (W)ars (B)uisiness negotiator, S Ryloth Ventur

SABA Servant Tuulaa
Text around the ring includes the word 'Confirmed' plus elements of the paragraph text, specifically the names of the individuals.

Oovo IV was introduced in the console video game Star Wars: Episode I Racer as one of the courses that players can compete on.

The lightsaber that Xiaan Amersu's receives belonged to her Master J'mikel, who was killed by Aurra Sing in Star Wars #28, "The Hunt for Aurra Sing"
part 1.
A hologram of Quinlan Vos is explaining to Aayla that he has gone over to the Confederacy. A flashback to the meeting of Quinlan and Aayla occurs. Vos tells her that the council has accepted him as her master, and she is so pleased. The hologram tells Aayla to forget him.

Visible upset by this message, Aayla tells Master Tholme that she must go after Quinlan, as he did for her when she turned to the dark side. Tholme reminds her of her duty as a Jedi, and tells her the explicit orders of the council are to not go after Quinlan. Master Kit Fisto informs them that they are dropping out of hyperspace, and makes sure that Aayla is doing okay.

They discover the fourth supply convoy to have been hit by raiders along the Corellian Trade Spine. They realize that the raiders base is nearby, except that all local planets are Republic aligned. T'ra Saa receives a message on the holocomm from her friend and Senator to Devaron, Elsah'Sai'Moro.

Elsah is about to tell her the name of the female in their government that is involved and the location of the raider base on Devaron when she is shot by Aurra Sing. Aurra reports to her benefactor that the Senator has been silenced, but that she was also on the holocomm to a Jedi. The mysterious patron wants to continue Aurra's contract to include the Jedi. Aurra agrees, and says she'd almost do that for free.

Tholme agrees that the raiders are most likely on Devaron, so they need to come up with an infiltration plan. He asks Kit to drop them at a transfer point and he, Aayla, and the Dark Woman will try to ingratiate themselves with a prominent family in Montellian Serat.

Later a pampered Twi'lek, Tuulaa Doneeta, her handler, Miles Croft and their servant Saba, are all being welcomed into the home of Senator Vien'sai'Malloc. The cam-droid reveals the same information to the viewer, Aurra Sing, but she's not believing it.

In their residence, the Dark Woman and Tholme are both surprised at how well Aayla was able to play the part of spoiled, rich girl. Aayla is surprised and angered by that herself. Master Tholme tells her she needs to focus on the mission and less on Quinlan.

The Dark Woman opens a secure channel to Master Fisto and the fleet who are hiding behind the moon. He knows the Jedi will find the raider base as son as they can and politely checks to see that Aayla is doing fine. She smiles back at him, letting Kit know that she is fine. The Dark Woman warns Aayla of forming fondness for others, but she quickly changes the subject, wondering if they should let the Senator into their confidence. Tholme says no, as they don't want to risk her life.

Elsewhere in her quarters, the Senator meets up with her hired assassin, Aurra Sing who reveals to her that her guests are, in fact, Jedi. Aurra even says she will kill the Jedi, which the Senator feels is unnecessary and dangerous. Aurra departs to begin her hunt, while the Senator feels that her choice of associates will cost her dearly. Her thoughts are interrupted by a call from the president asking if she can meet with the guests.

In a presidential dining room President Sai'Ulrahk asks "Tuulaa" how she ended up meeting Senator Sai'Malloc and Vendikar station. Aayla carries on in her part, but excuses herself for "a nap". She ditches the Devaronian guard with her and calls to check in with Tholme and the Dark Woman. They have found a smuggler base on the south side of the mountains and are investigating it. Aayla says she will join them shortly.

Unfortunately she is interrupted by the Senator, who reveals that she knows Aayla is a Jedi. Vien is having a change of heart about the whole affair and gives the coordinates of the raiders base to Aayla. The Jedi is shocked to see that it is actually on the north side of the mountains. The Senator lies that the information was given to her by her late colleague.

Tholme receives a message from Aayla placing the base on the other side of the mountains, but before they can leave the Dark Woman discovers a word carved in the rock — "Nashtah." Shocked, she realizes they have been set up by her former padawan, Aurra Sing, just as an explosion rips through the cave. Aurra steps out and picks up Tholme's lightsaber, hoping that the Dark Woman is not yet dead.

Aayla calls into Kit warning him about the trap and asks that he and T'ra Saa investigate. She then turns to the Senator accusing her of being the traitor and killing her former colleague. The Senator denies the accusations but is unsettled by the Jedi.

Under the piles of rock and debris, Tholme and An'ya Kuro determine not to use the Force to move the rocks, as it may cause a further collapse. She reveals to Tholme the harsh nickname, Nashtah, that she gave to Aurra as a child and how she harbors guilt on how she treated Aurra and the number of lives it has cost since the young bounty hunter left her Master's side. She also fears that Aayla is as good as dead.

Aayla has secured a swoop bike, in search of the raiders base and her companions. Aurra shoots the ride out from under her, taunting her all the while. When Aayla finally discovers the source of the voice, it is a thermal detonator, that narrowly misses killing her when it explodes.

Using the Force, Aayla tracks Aurra down standing on top of a home made dam of logs and dirt. She tempts Aayla with Tholme's lightsaber, and when Aayla charges, she detonates a blast that destroys the dam and unleashes the power of a river. Elsewhere, Kit and T'ra with their clone squadron have secured the real raider base.

Under the rubble, Tholme reminds his friend that padawans learn things that may not be intended from their Masters. He points out that she has never been comfortable with connections with others. She retorts that Jedi should not form attachments. He explains that there is a difference.

Laying unconscious, Aayla dreams of a day long gone by, when she was a young padawan training with Quinlan Vos in which he instructing her on completing a goal, even when confronted by obstacles. She learns to clear her mind and achieve her objectives despite the confrontations of her Master.

She awakes finding herself surrounded by a pack of quarra. Recalling another of her Masters lessons, she removes herself from the beasts perception and passes by unharmed. Aurra Sing is furious at this demonstration. She wants Aayla to show her more fear so she can taste it. Back at the raider base, Kit sends T'ra and a squad of clones to help find Tholme and the Dark Woman.

As Aayla hunts for Aurra Sing, she remembers a time on Ryloth when she and Quin were on a mission to discover where some glitterstim was being manufactured. She is uneasy at being back on her home planer; confused with the role she should be playing. Quinlan instructs her to her feelings, not to fear them.

Back on Devaron, her eyes dart to the side and her lightsaber ignites as Aurra jumps out of the shadows with a lightsaber of her own. The two fight up and down the rocks and hills. The Dark Woman senses Aurra's true plan and lets Tholme know that their connection to Aayla is being used against her.

Aurra senses that Aayla's friends have just died, and has no problem telling her so. Aayla tries to distract Aurra by talking about her abandonment. Aurra just lashes out at the fact that a Jedi can never know how it felt. Aayla does understand; her memory stolen, falling under the influence of the dark Jedi Karko, the aloneness. Aurra's fury doubles and she leashes out on the young Jedi.

Aayla likens Aurra to a Ryloth heat storm, biding ones time until the fury is spent, then moving. Aayla finds her center and strikes at the bounty hunter, scarring her facing and cutting her antenna off. She offers her the chance to continue living her life.

A clone informs General Saa that they have arrived too late to save the injured Jedi. T'ra knows that they have just placed themselves in a hibernation trance and helps them out.

Aurra Sing is admitted to the penal colony on Oovo IV, where warden Fenn Booda introduces himself. She offers him some information for some preferential treatment. He promises to think about it, but she will be there a while in the meantime.

Back on Devaron, Kit Fisto, via holocomm, asks what will be done with the Senator. President Sai'Ulrahk tells him that she will be remanded to Devaronian justice. Vien'sai'Malloc screams that she would rather have Republic justice as the guards take her away.

Kit and T'ra Saa watch over Tholme and the Dark Woman as they heal inside a pair of bacta tanks on board the Republic cruiser. T'ra waxes about her connection with Tholme, but realizes that her Neti physiology will mean she should outlive him. But she is complacent about living for the day, and accepting what will come.

Elsewhere, Aayla finds another young twi'lek, Xiaan Amersu and returns her masters lightsaber that Aurra Sing had taken. Aayla reminds Xiaan to not lose sight of her memories and fears, but to do what must be done as a Jedi. They part company and Aayla pulls out her holoprojector and watches the message from Quinlan again telling her he has gone over to the Confederacy.

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