Star Wars: Jedi – Mace Windu
February 2003
"Schism", 40ppg, $4.99

Writer: John Ostrander
Penciler: Jan Duursema
Inker: Dan Parsons
Colorist: Joe Wayne
Letterer: Digital Chameleon
Book Design: Dave Nestelle
Assistant Editor: Jeremy Barlow
Editor: Randy Stradley
Publisher: Mike Richardson

Mace Windu

Sora Bulq, K'kruhk, Jeisel, Mira (dies), Rhad Tarn

Yoda, Quinlan Vos, Tholme

Asajj Ventress

Dama Montalvo (padawan)

Ki-Adi-Mundi, Count Dooku

scrange (conjecture based on similar creature in Jedi: Shaak Ti)

battle droid, salvage droid, Probe droid

Ruul, Lianna, Kohlma

Clone troopers

Geonosian solar sailer, Mace Windu's starship

Republic attack gunship, All Terrain Personal Transport (AT-PT walker)

According to the inside cover, the events in this story take place three months after the Battle of Geonosis.

Other sources (Inside the Worlds of Attack of the Clones) have indicated that Sora Bulq died in a Republic Gunship accident. It turns out those reports were specious.

Jedi mentioned include Duros Jedi Master Cei Vookto and Ky Narec, who was Asajj Ventress' former master that was abandoned by the Jedi Order.

Master Tholme mentions to Quinlan, a "mission on Brentaal IV" which refers to the events of Jedi: Shaak Ti.

The creature Asajj dispatches before meeting Dooku looks very much like the scrange seen in Jedi: Shaak Ti.

The title for this issue was derived from The Comics Companion.
On the planet Lianna in the Tion Cluster, Mace Windu leads a memorial service for a fallen Jedi master. Master Yoda, Ki-Adi-Mundi, Tholme, Quinlan Vos, Padawan Dama Montalvo and some clone troopers gather to pay their last respects.

Master Windu asks for updates from Tholme and Vos regarding the state of the war. Tholme informs Mace that Vos has made contact with four of the leaders of the dissident Jedi. These are Jedi that have refused the call to serve as Generals. He lets Mace know that they have been united by Sora Bulq. This troubles Mace to hear it. Bulq was a powerful teacher and nearly as good in the lightsaber technique Vaapad as Mace. Vos admits to being instructed by Bulq after he lost his memory.

While they continue to discuss the dissidents, Mace and Vos enjoy a practice duel. Tholme is concerned that enough dissident Jedi could create a schism in the order, and Yoda adds how bad that may look to the Republic. Mace adds his input as he continues to spar and instruct Quinlan in his lightsaber technique. Quinlan lets them know Bulq's plan for a meeting of these dissidents on his family's estate on Ruul.

As Mace continues to direct Vos, he tells him he must find balance, emotional rest, and to stop holding back. Which he does, and lets fly a powerful blow which Mace manages to block before Force-pushing Quin to the ground. Master Windu tells Vos that his last move was a dangerous Vaapad move, skirting close to the dark side. Vos apologizes, noting he learned it from Master Bulq during his retraining.

Yoda and Mace continue to ponder the fact that Sora Bulq could be deserting the Jedi. They didn't believe it about Count Dooku either or the return of the Sith, but now know they must consider it. Mace prepares to go on to Ruul, which Yoda feels may be a trap. Master Windu feels they cannot afford the schism this could lead to.

On an unnamed planet, Asajj Ventress dispatches a giant lizard creature with a pair of lightsabers, before meeting with her master, Count Dooku. He informs her of the Jedi meeting on Ruul and dispatches her to prevent Mace Windu from succeeding in returning them to the order.

Two days later on Ruul, Master Windu lands and is greeted by Sora Bulq. He apologizes for his estate's condition, with the repair droids working. Mace says there's no reason to apologize, but he'd like to know which way Bulq will side in the negotiations. Sora tells Mace he hasn't made up his mind. But they will get started as he goes to get the others. Ventress spies on the two from behind some foliage as Bulq goes off.

Near a waterfall, Mace runs into the Whipid K'kruhk and asks why he chose to leave the order. He explains about the Battle of Teyr shortly after Geonosis where he led dozens of clones to their death. Personally, this was difficult for him to accept. Mace reminds him that Jedi have always led in times of war.

Master Jeisel emerges from the foliage, questioning the killing necessary to end the war. She is concerned that following a corrupt Republic, will only end up corrupting the Jedi themselves. They are soon joined by Sora Bulq and his former padawan Mira, and one other Jedi Rhad Tarn. Mira expresses her concerns on the war, while Rhad believes they may be fighting on the wrong side. He believes the Senate is corrupt and the Jedi are on the wrong side of the issue. When Master Bulq is asked how he feels, he admits he cannot support the Republic any longer, and that they should meditate on this this evening.

Rhad does not trust Mace, but K'kruhk knows Master Windu and believes in his methods. K'kruhk decides to wait by the waterfall and meditate while the others retire to separate areas to either meditate or sleep.

Master Bulq parts company with Master Windu when he is suddenly attacked by Ventress. As the two duel, Mira discovers them and tries to intercede after Master Bulq is injured. She is quickly cut down by Ventress, not being up to the skills of the dark Jedi. The remaining dissidents involve themselves keeping her at bay. But when Mace arrives she turns off her lightsaber pledging her fealty to Windu before quickly departing.

As the Jedi take stock of themselves, the others begin to question Mace about his involvement with this assassin. K'kruhk chooses to believe the Jedi Master, but Rhad does not and is angered at the apparent deception. He charges off to find them and put an end to the charade. Bulq sends the others off with Tarn as he sees to the body of Mira.

Mace discovers Ventress's ship while Tarn comes upon the lady herself. As they duel, she begins taunting and toying with him, urging him to let loose his rage and anger.

Back at Bulq's compound, Sora is laying Mira to rest. Mace confronts him about the assassin and how she gained access to the grounds. She must be working for Bulq, Mace concludes. Sora admits that he became disillusioned at the Battle of Geonosis, and Dooku helped him see that the Jedi were responsible to change the Republic. He planned to assassinate Mace and some others to help open a larger schism in the order. Now he feels killing them all may be his best course of action.

He attacks Master Windu with the fury and anger that Vaapad can provide.

Meanwhile Rhad is challenging Jeisel with his new found power. He is about to make the killing stroke, when she guts him with her lightsaber. K'kruhk is also wounded in the fight with Ventress. Back at the compound, Mace realizes that he is being distracted by the fight with Sora, and shoves him into the wall, retreating to help his fellow Jedi.

Mace shows up in time to save K'kruhk from certain death, chasing Ventress up a steep cliff, before she decides to retreat and leap off the precipice. He informs the remaining Jedi that it was in fact Master Bulq that was in league with the assassin, which they soon realize as the labor droids turn on them.

They manage to fight their way back to Windu's ship and flee from Ruul, leaving Bulq to watch after them. Mace asks Jeisel and K'kruhk to return to their representatives and inform them of the deception of Master Bulq. K'kruhk agrees and decides to return to the temple to redevote himself. Jeisel agrees, but still has her objections about the Republic. Mace honors her choices, and reminds them that as long as they stay away from the Dark Side, they will remain one in the Force -- and Jedi.

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