Star Wars: Jedi – Shaak Ti
May 2003
"Catspaw", 40ppg, $4.99

Script: John Ostrander
Penciler, Cover Artist: Jan Duursema
Inker: Dan Parsons
Colorist, Cover Artist: Joe Wayne
Letterer: Digital Chameleon
Book Design: Dave Nestelle
Assistant Editor: Jeremy Barlow
Editor: Randy Stradley
Publisher: Mike Richardson


super battle droid, hailfire droid, homing spider droid, dwarf spider droid, battle droid

Brentaal IV

Clone troopers, Shogar Tok's troops

Republic assault ship

turbolaser, lightstorm chamber

Republic attack gunship

According to the inside cover, the events in this issue takes place five months after the Battle of Geonosis.

Lyshaa is a Zeltron, a race of aliens encountered in the Marvel comics, that can project their emotions onto others.

Dooku mentions his armies on Mirgoshir and on Muunilinst, referencing The Clone Wars console video game, and The Clone Wars cartoon series.

Sagoro Autem is misspelled, Saguro. Also at one point Shogar is misspelled Hogar.

References to Sagoro killing his own brother relate to the storyline in Republic #46-48, "Honor and Duty".

Shaak Ti's padawan was named Fe Sun.

The title for this issue was derived from The Comics Companion.
High above Brentaal IV, a squad of Republic assault craft are shot down by the Rebel forces. The Republic were not supposed to encounter this resistance, and Jedi General Shon Kon Ray is the first to pay the price.

On the ground Master Shaak Ti and her clone forces, press on through a hail of Separatist droid forces, fighting for their lives.

At the headquarters of the Rebel leader, Shogar Tok, Count Dooku counsels him via holocomm, telling him how indispensable he is in this phase of the war.

As Shaak Ti continues taking out various droids, she calls to Plo Koon, who is overseeing the battle from orbit. He cannot land any ships to assist, and stresses the importance of putting down Shogar Tok's insurrection. She has been cut off from the remainder of the troops, so Koon recommends a rally point near her; a prison structure. As Ti and her clones approach they see fighting going on inside the building.

Inside, a riot by three prisoners is responsible for the fighting that Shaak Ti from outside. Saguro Autem, Lyshaa and the wookiee Ryyk are taking out as many guards as they can. Ti and her clones join the fight to help them. Master Ti uses a Force push on Ryyk when he begins beating up some of the clone defenders.

Once the fighting has ceased, Autem tells the Jedi that they are what is left of the population and it is revealed that Ti and Lyshaa share history. Master Ti imprisoned Lyshaa for the death of her padawan. Shaak Ti provides some Force healing to Ryyk, and discovers his family was killed by Mandalorian slavers. She offers he consolation to him. They then discover another prisoner, Quinlan Vos. Apparently he was an advance scout that sent the message that the Republic was clear to attack, but he claims to have not sent the coded transmission.

Vos, knowing the layout of the area helps Master Ti plan an infiltration of Tok's tower. She asks Agen Kolar to cause a distraction so her team can infiltrate disable the ion cannons keeping Master Koon's forces from attacking. Vos laughs at her plan, indicating a clone, her and himself is hardly a infiltration team. She disagrees as she is planning on using the three others as volunteers. Autem and the others are not fans of this choice, but it is there best option to get out alive.

Walking through the sewers, Shaak Ti tells Plo Koon to put the next phase of the plan into action. Suddenly Ryyk smells something as a scrange, a giant bioluminescent lizard, rises up out of the water. Ryyk goes feral attacking the monster, but is skewered by one of it's claws. Shaak Ti manages to kill the beast and promises Ryyk that if she can, she will return for his body. The clone tells her they need to press on, and she splits the team up into three squads. Vos & Autem will disable the the tower guns, while the clone brings down the shield generator. Ti and Lyshaa set off to capture Shogar Tok.

In Shogar Tok's tower, he is personally leading the interrogation of Agen Kolar, while a hologram of Count Dooku asks him questions about the location of Master Ti. Kolar says that she is dead, which they hardly believe. So Dooku order Tok to send a squad to look for her body.

The clone, Vos and Autem encounter a large number of guards moving prisoners. They pretend to have the clone as a prisoner, which allows them to pass by undetected. Autem tells Vos he used to be a Senate Guard, but then quit to become a mercenary. He got left holding the bag by a Devaronian and was placed in prison on Brentaal IV. The three split up to do their parts.

Lyshaa clearly doesn't trust Shaak Ti, as she asks if the Jedi intends to kill her right then and there. What she does not realize is that she has walked into a death trap. The lightstorm chamber activates spewing laser blasts down on both women. Shaak Ti protects Lyshaa from the deadly bolts, even though the other woman can only see that the Jedi wants revenge. Ti continues to deny this; that Lyshaa is necessary for the mission and once that is over, she will be set free.

Shogar Tok enters his private quarters to find Lyshaa seductively laying on his pillows. She is using her psychic ability to project her emotions to cloud his mind, and Shaak Ti intervenes to put some suggestions about his loyalties into his mind. That's when Lyshaa shoots her and tells Tok that the Republic is launching another attack shortly, and there are saboteurs still in the building.

Vos is rewiring the energy cable on the turbo lasers to cause a feedback loop when Autem discovers that they are surrounded by guards. The clone is having not much better luck at the shield generator. He manages to shoot several guards before being gunned down himself.

On the Republic Cruiser, Plo Koon continues with his plan to re-launch the attack, even though he has heard no word from Shaak Ti. Tok realizes that Lyshaa is correct and wonders how best to show his gratitude. Before she can answer Shaak Ti recovers from the gunshot and attacks the pair with her lightsaber.

Knowing his duty, the clone sets his gun to overload and hunkers down on the shield generator waiting for the end to come. Vos and Autem break free from the bonds of the guards holding them, anxious to leave the gun emplacement before everything goes sky high.

The clones gun explodes destroying the shield generator and when the gunner try to fire the turbo lasers, the guns explode from Vos' feedback loop. Tok is momentarily distracted by the thunderous noise, and Master Ti uses that moment to kill him with her lightsaber.

Lyshaa, still disbelieving the motives of the Jedi, turns to run. But she runs directly into the lightstorm chamber, which kills her instantly.

Vos and Autem part ways, Sagoro deciding to maybe find his family again. Days later, after exiting a bacta tank, Master Ti sits in meditation with Master Koon pondering the effects of the war on the Republic, its people, and the Jedi.

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