Star Wars: Jedi – Yoda
June 2004
40ppg, $4.99

Script, Associate Editor: Jeremy Barlow
Artist, Cover Artist: Hoon
Letterer: Michael David Thomas
Book Design: Dave Nestelle
Editor: Randy Stradley
Publisher: Mike Richardson

camera droid

Palpatine's Office, Coruscant, Thustra

Sephi, Clone troopers, Senate Guard

Republic Cruiser

Republic attack gunship, All Terrain Tactical Enforcer (AT-TE walker), Sephi flyer, Thustran shuttle, airspeeder, Sephi tank

According to the inside cover, the events in this issue takes place 17 months after the Battle of Geonosis.

The title for the trade paperback that this issue is collected in is "The Best Blades". That quote comes from this issue where Yoda mentions to Obi-Wan that "the best blades are kept in their sheaths".

Hoon's name is actually Thomas Hong as revealed in the Dark Horse message board thread regarding The Comics Companion.
On the planet Thustra, Jedi Padawan Cal leads a squad of clone troops against the Sephi, the indigenous people, who have rebelled against the Republic, while his master Tyffix and two other Jedi, Master Tyr and padawan Pix, consult with their Clone commander. An incoming Sephi kamikaze pilot destroys the headquarters, and only Pix survives, having been pushed clear by her Master at the last moment. She radios back to Coruscant to give an update on the status of the mission.

In Palpatine's office, Jedi Masters Yoda, Mace Windu and Oppo Rancisis listen to the report with Supreme Chancellor Palpatine. The Chancellor expresses the greatest need to quell the disturbance in that sector for fear of losing the entire system to the Separatists. Yoda, who has had an acquaintance with the local leader, King Alaric for the past 200 years, agrees to travel to Thustra to see what the problem may be.

Before leaving Coruscant, he meets with Obi-Wan Kenobi and makes sure Obi-Wan understands how proud he is of him as both a knight and a Master to Anakin. The two discuss the sharpness of the Jedi's blades and the need to either keep them sheathed or unsheathed; and which is better for the Republic.

Back on Thustra, Cal is disappointed that Yoda was sent to help them. he was hoping for a more powerful Jedi, like Mace Windu or Master Rancisis. Yoda tries to tell him that power and aggression are not the only paths to victory. After a short briefing from the Clone captain in charge, Yoda receives a message that King Alaric would like to meet. He asks Cal to join him, and instructs Pix to hold their position.

Yoda is allowed to enter the King's palace and greets his old friend. He asks for the reason that they have chosen to leave the Republic. Alaric explains that he has seen the decay of the Senate and the Republic and can no longer be a part of it. The King's nephew, Senator Navi bursts in acting quite pompous and indicates that he could have stopped this all if he had been allowed. The King cuts the discussion short and insists that Yoda and Cal must remain as prisoners. Yoda hands over his saber, but Cal bristles at the thought.

Stuck in the castle, Cal chastises Yoda for the "mess" they are currently in. Yoda worries that all Jedi, including himself are losing sight of the old ways. Cal worries that they are losing sight of the way to win the battle. Yoda counters that Cal has changed much since he was a boy, when kindness would have outweighed his aggressions. Senator Navi enters with his aide to give the Jedi some suggestions of ways to escape. Yoda believes that Alaric is acting in the best interest of his peoples, but he cannot say the same of Navi. Meanwhile Pix is troubled about the fortification of the Sephi forces that they can see, and struggles with her orders and her instincts to act.

In a meditation garden, Alaric has asked Yoda to meet with him away from the prying ears of his court. Alaric presents Yoda with his precept for leaving the Republic; that he must protect his planet from the aggressive elements of the galaxy that would choke the life from their system. The old friends end up agreeing to disagree, while Cal is visited by Moje, the Senator's aide, and presented with a proposal of help. Cal is more than interested to hear him out. Alaric, out of his friendship and knowledge of the Jedi Master, returns Yoda his lightsaber.

Back at the Jedi base camp, Senator Navi lands with a story for Pix about his Uncle being crazy and having killed Cal and Yoda. He then offers the Republic a means to defeat the amassed Sephi force. Pix thinks about the options presented her, and finally decides that they must attack.

Cal informs Yoda, once he returned, that he has negotiated their release. Yoda notes his lack of patience has not improved, but does not finish his statement as Cal races out of the room toward a waiting shuttle. Moje observes their departure and calls for the palace guard to apprehend these Jedi as they mean to assassinate the King.

The waiting Sephi force is getting position for an evening strike, when an incoming Republic missile blasts their commander and a large amount of hardware sky high.

Back in the castle Cal realizes too late that the plan for them to escape was a clever trap. They stare down a squad of guards. Outside Pix and her Clone troops are attacking the palace.

Cal swings his lightsaber wildly at the attackers while Yoda calmly uses the Force. In a moment of distraction Cal is hit by a pointblank laser blast. Yoda blows all the attackers back with a wave of his hand and kneels down to help Cal. The youths last words venomously blame Yoda for not killing the King when he had the chance. Cal then dies in Yoda's arms.

As the city and the palace burn, Yoda confronts the King and urges him to stand down. Alaric hopes that his actions will galvanize the people of Thustra and make himself a martyr. He draws a blaster on Yoda and fires, but the Jedi Master, with pain and sadness deflects the bolt back at his age-old friend. His dying words urge Yoda to remember that their friendship was not like this.

Back on Coruscant, Senator Navi is expressing distress before the Senate at the loss of Master Yoda. The Jedi Master interrupts indicating that rumors of his demise have been exaggerated. Mace Windu then orders him under arrest for crimes against the Republic.

Mace Windu walks with Yoda and tells him how difficult it will now be to reign in the systems around Thustra since the King's death. Yoda reflects that the war is costing more than bodies and equipment. He believes the price may not be worth it.

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