Star Wars: Jedi – Count Dooku
November 2003
40ppg, $4.99

Script: John Ostrander
Penciler, Cover Artist: Jan Duursema
Inker: Dan Parsons
Colorist, Cover Artist: Brad Anderson
Letterer: Michael David Thomas
Book Design: Dave Nestelle
Assistant Editor: Jeremy Barlow
Editor: Randy Stradley
Publisher: Mike Richardson

Quinlan Vos

Tholme, Shylar (dies), Tol Skorr, Kadrian Sey (dies), Kai Justiss, Tsui Choi, Jeisel, Sora Bulq, Spurlick (voice only, on comm system), Suribran Tu (dies), Zurros, Khaleen Hentz

Sheyf Tinté Vos (dies), Mace Windu

Count Dooku

Quinlan Vos' great uncle (in flashback), Quinlan Vos' mother (in flashback), Quinlan Vos' father (in flashback)

Volfe Karkko (in flashback)

Antar 4, Tibrin, Ord Ibanna, Kiffu, Coruscant

Clone troopers, Kiffu Guardians

Anzati (in flashback)

Skorp-Ion, Republic assault ship, droid starfighter


According to the inside cover, the events in this issue takes place 7 ½ months after the Battle of Geonosis.

This issue marks the debut of a Jedi character called Kai Justiss. He is the creation of Joe Corroney and made his first appearance in Star Wars Gamer #4 and then had a few pictures in the Power of the Jedi Sourcebook before making another appearance in the HoloNet News in Star Wars Insider #71. His friend and artist Jan Duursema thought it would be a nice tribute to include him in this issue.

Dooku's references to Jeisel's disillusionment with the Republic can be found in the Jedi: Mace Windu issue.

Antar 4 is home the species known as the Gotals. The most famous Gotal is arguably Feltipern Trevagg who was the Gotal in the Mos Eisley Cantina.

This issue reveals the full name of Quin's on-again, off-again partner, Khaleen Hentz.
On the way to deliver reinforcements to Drongar, Republic troopship VCD987 encounters heavy fire from Separatist forces, becomes disabled and is boarded by Count Dooku and his forces. Jedi Master Tsui Choi, and knights Jeisel and Kai Justiss defend the ship as best they can but are overpowered.

Dooku strides in, greeting his old Jedi friends, and introducing himself to Jeisel. He wonders why she has decided to resume fighting with the Republic, having heard she had her doubts about their place in the war. She counters that having seen his savagery, and the fact that his lieutenant, Sora Bulq, tried to kill her, has changed her mind. Dooku smiles, claiming it has all been a misunderstanding. Of course he wanted Master Windu dead, and to prove his point he calls for a shuttle to return the Jedi to neutral territory. Sora Bulq questions his masters tactics, but Dooku reminds him that sowing the seeds of mercy will lead to other Jedi questioning his motives. He then orders the clones killed while he returns to his base on Antar 4.

Quinlan Vos lands his ship, the Skorp-Ion on Antar 4 requesting a meeting with Count Dooku. Over the comm Spurlick tells him that when Dooku wants to meet, he will send for Vos. As Vos lands and wanders across the bombed out landscape of the Gotal homeworld amongst the refugees of this devastating war, he recalls the meeting he had recently with Mace Windu and Master Tholme at the Jedi temple.

Mace is uneasy with the notion of Quinlan pretending to have switched sides to the Confederacy and handing over the Republic and Jedi codes. Tholme argues that it is a necessary evil; and that no one but the three of them know the actual truth. Master Windu believes that Vos will be in danger of falling into the dark side. Vos and Tholme feel that will help lead to Quin's legitimacy with Dooku; his Kiffar talents in psychometry will serve him well. But if he can do anything to shorten the war, even a suicide mission, he will gladly accept the risks.

Mace realizes he cannot authorize the mission without consulting Master Yoda. Vos asks is he should attempt to kill Dooku if given the chance. Mace speaks of the shatterpoints he sees, and feels that the war would continue regardless, at this point. Tholme recounts the servants of Dooku, which Vos will undoubtedly have to encounter. They include Sora Bulq, Master Shylar (who infiltrated his camp, but has not been heard from in two cycles), Asajj Ventress, Tol Skorr and the zabrak Kadrian Sey.

Using his abilities, Vos has discovered Dooku's castle, and tries to gain passage from Skorr and Sey, who do not make it easy for him. Meanwhile Dooku is speaking with Sheyf Tinté, head of the Guardians on Kiffex; attempting to establish a secret base on her planet. She feels it is only beneficial to her. She also warns the Count to be wary of her nephew, as he is treacherous.

Sora Bulq stops the fight between Vos and the other two ex-Jedi. He lets Quinlan know that he has been expected. Dooku asks Vos why he is there. Vos tells Dooku that he is tired of cooling his heels, running errands. He is more talented than that and demands the Counts trust. Dooku thinks and invites him back the next day for an 'evaluation', before being dismissed. Bulq confides that he has seen much darkness sin Quinlan, and he may be of use.

In the underbelly of Coruscant, cell 49557CETA, Tholme enters Khaleen's cell and asks her to help be a courier to Quinlan. She agrees but is suspicious of the Jedi's motives. He explains to her Quinlan's duality before sneaking her out of the maximum security cell.

The next morning, Quinlan uses his powers to get a reading off Dooku's holocomm, sensing the conversation with Sheyf Tinté from the previous day, before Dooku enters. The Count wishes to test Quinlan's lightsaber skills, and the two begin to duel. Dooku pushes Vos long and hard, forcing him to give into the burgeoning darkness within, before using a Force push on him to disarm him. He then asks Quin to join him on their trip to Tibrin.

On the planet of the Ishi Tib, their leader Suribran Tu pledges his loyalty to Dooku and Confederacy. Dooku asks Kadrian Sey what would be done next with Tu. She believes that he should remain in office to provide continuity. Vos disagrees. Tu is a butcher and has sold-out the Republic and would do the same to the Confederacy. Dooku questions Quin's defection, but is able to answer Dooku satisfactorily.

Dooku suddenly beheads the Ishi Tib leader, putting Sora Bulq in control and sending Quin on another mission to deal with the corrupt Senator from Falleen, Zurros. He wants his head!

Back on the Skorp-Ion Khaleen meets up with Quin to gather her information for Tholme. She has deactivated all the bugs, so there's no worry of eavesdropping. Quin however, insists that there is, since he know may raise suspicions if the bugs go dead suddenly. Quin tells her to leave; that she doesn't belong here. He just wants to be with him and they curl up in each others arms.

Six days later, deep within Dooku's fortress, the Count is interrogating Master Shylar as to what she has heard about his plans. She refuses to talk but he swears that she will talk, and then she will die. Vos returns from his mission with the topknot of the Falleen Senator and a hologram of him, scared and begging for his life. Skorr smacks Vos, questioning the loyalty of their newest member. Vos simply states that he achieved the same results, but in a different way than ordered. Dooku smiles at this. He tells Quinlan to ready for a trip to visit his great-aunt Tinté.

Later on Ord Ibanna, Khaleen is bringing information of Quin's process to Master Tholme. She recalls her begging Quin to change his mind about the mission; to just fly away. He asks her to tell Tholme the news and not come back.

On Kiffu, Dooku and his lieutenants are taking a meeting with Sheyf Tinté, She is surrounded by at least a dozen Guardians, obviously not trusting the Count. And with good reason. As soon as she tells him they will not be joining forces, Dooku order his dark Jedi to kill them all.

Lightsabers flash, blasters fire and yet only the Guardians fall. Skorr goes after Tinté, but Quinlan beats him too her, slicing Kadrian Sey in half in the process. Dooku is pleased that Quinlan has final revealed himself.

Quin attempts to convince his great-aunt that she must bring the clans together, but her hatred of the Jedi blinds her to his words. Dooku enters and confronts the Jedi. He tells Quin he knows it was Tholme's plan all along, but now he will become Dooku's pawn, and pass incorrect information back to the Jedi. Quin scoffs at the notion that he would betray his order and be on the dark side.

To prove his point, Dooku tells Quin to use his ability to read images off of objects, and read the Sheyf. To do so he adds, Quin must tap into the full power of the dark side. Quin senses blood on her hands and unleashes his rage towards her; what he discovers will haunt him.

He first sees that she poisoned her brother to take control of the clans. But even after that she made a deal with some Anzati hunting the dark Jedi Volfe Karkko and allowed them to eat the 'soup' of their prisoners. The Anzati demanded Vos blood, however to seal the pact, and she offered up Quinlan's parents, hoping to mold Quin to her own needs; to make him the new Sheyf. She was prevented this by the Jedi taking Quin for training.

Quin's rage increases, saying that she demands to die. Offhandedly, Dooku agrees, offering Quinlan back his lightsaber. The Jedi unleashes his fury and kills his great-aunt in cold blood; in revenge; in the dark side.

Pleased, Dooku offers Quinlan a position at his side, telling him that his plans have gone exactly as he has foreseen them.

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