Posted by Jeremy on November 20, 2017 at 09:16 PM CST

There's been another breach at the Imperial data vault on Scarif -the latest images to surface are of Luke's hermitage - 75200 Ahch-To Island Training. Click on the image below to jump to a fully coloured version.

Go along with Rey in search of a hut on the mountainside on one of the islands of the planet Ahch-To. Teach her to own a light sword and try to cut a stone boulder.

Sit back by the fire and find out more about the Jedi Order, and then spend the night in order to sleep well before the new training day.

This play set is comprised of a stone hut with a cloth cape door, in front of which is a small cooking fire (which presumably the cup, torch, frying pan, fish, stick and fruit elements are for). No idea what's inside Luke's hidey hole, sorry.

Next to the hut is a boulder and what appears to be a rotating base. It's safe to assume that this is the play feature that recreates Rey's lightsaber strike against the rock wall thatwe have seen in the trailer. A small crystal element is contained within the boulder - could this be the kyber crystal that Rey uses to build her own lighsaber?

The minifigs that come with this set are an Old Man Luke and Reyin training garb. Luke has a cane and Rey has her staff and a lightsaber. Also include is a brick-built porg.
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