Posted by Jeremy on November 20, 2017 at 11:59 PM CST

Resistance operatives have penetrated the data core again to bring images of 75202 Defense of Crait.

Prepare the speeder on skis to fight for the Resistance base against the forces of the First Order. Send the soldier to the laser cannon and other tools installed in the trench, and carefully monitor the movements of the enemy from the command tower.

Set the guns on the speeder on skis and check the engine serviceability. When the enemy approaches the base, put Poe into the cockpit and send him to perform another difficult mission. Fight for victory to the last, brave Resistance soldiers!

One of the earliest bases of the Rebellion this parched planet of pleasure is the site of a devastating battle between the First Order and the Resistance (which is not in anyway associated with the New Reoublic, cough).

The main feature of the set is the Ski Speeder, which we've seen in the trailer and in Hasbro form already so no great surprises in this open topped B-wing build.

The set also includes two ground installations manned by Resistance troops: a small trench piece and turret mounted cannon, as well as reinforced tower-like structure that demonstrates damage or aging (the aforementioned Rebellion base perhaps?).

Included minifigs are Captain Poe Dameron (back from his secret mission where he had to drop his rank?) with headphones, Admiral Ematt (sic?), a Resistance Trooper and two First Order Snowtroopers. The naming of these last two minifigs is odd considering Crait is salt covered.

With cold-equipped air cover, turret guns, pseudo-AT-ATs and snowtroopers, Crait is really looking like Hoth now.
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