The Rebelscum 2001 Holiday Guide to Star Wars Console Gaming

Console: Sega Sony PlayStation2

Sony managed to get the jump on both Nintendo and Microsoft with an October 2000 launch date for their Next Generation console - a sequel to the original, and very popular, PlayStation. Unable to meet up with demand, PS2 shortages around the holidays last year made for some very disappointed gaming fans - fortunately there were no real "must-have" flagship titles launched with the system. Sony was, however, shrewd enough to make the PS2 backwards compatible, giving the system an instant library of literally hundreds of games Ė including older Star Wars titles like Masters of Teras Kasi and Rebel Assault II.

At the heart of the PS2 is a 295Mhz processor, optical port for digital audio, and, being a  DVD-based system, the PS2 also includes the ability for DVD movie playback.

Official Site:
Launch Date:
Currently available
Cost: $399.99 (Star Wars Bundle) - click here to buy

Star Wars Games:

Star Wars Super Bombad Racing
Bombad Racing is another of the "super-deformed" kart games that stands upon the shoulders of the classic Super Mario Kart for the SNES. While these games are often overly cute and not, on the surface, very enticing for the seasoned gamer, they are an absolute blast to play - particularly in multi-player battle mode.

Players choose from one of eight Episode One characters and race them across nine different short-cut filled tracks. Bombad Racing also offers a variety of game play modes including death match, team play, and a mirrored track option that goes a long way towards the game's replay-value. If you are hip to the kart racing scene, this isnít a game you want to skip.

For additional details on Star Wars Super Bombad Racing, visit the official LucasArts website right here.

Launch Date: Currently available
Cost: $44.99 - click here to buy

Star Wars: Starfighter
Centered around an Episode One timetable, this space shooter is one of the better Star Wars games currently appearing on any console. The graphics are detailed and smooth, play control is intuitive and complex while sporting a short learning curve. Players choose from one of three new characters in the SW universe and battle their way through over 14 missions in a variety of new spacecraft. A popular game that comes highly recommended for fans of the flight-action genre.

For additional details on Star Wars: Starfighter, visit the official LucasArts website right here.

Launch Date: Currently available
Cost: $49.99 - click here to buy

Star Wars Racer II: Racer Revenge
Developed by Rainbow Studios, this long awaited sequel to the N64 racer takes place eight years after the last encounter between young Anakin and Sebulba. From the looks of things, Racer Revenge will be offering more of the same, only this time out players will encounter new podracers, new planets, and new race tracks.

Early impressions of the game when it appeared at this yearís Electronic Entertainment Expo were mostly very positive; Rainbow Studios has brought an impressive level of detail to the game and given it an almost complete graphical overhaul. No word yet if weíll be seeing Racer Revenge on any other console systems.

For additional details on Star Wars Racer II: Racer Revenge, visit the official LucasArts website right here.

Launch Date: Spring 2002
Cost: TBA

Star Wars Jedi Starfighter
The first in what will no doubt be a long line of Episode Two titles is a sequel to Star Wars: Starfighter. Star Wars Jedi Starfighter brings an all-new element to the flight-action genre: the Force! Players will now be able to use Force Powers along with the conventional weapons found aboard the ship nine out of ten Jedi prefer to fly. While there isnít currently too much in the way of detailed information or screenshots on this upcoming game, Jedi Starfighter will no doubt sport a graphical upgrade and is known to include a two-player co-op mission mode.

For additional details on Star Wars Jedi Starfighter, visit the official LucasArts website right here.

Launch Date: Spring 2002
Cost: TBA

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