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As a special way of saying thanks for attending but also for helping to promote their product, attendees of the 2003 Preview were given a gift bag containing items from the toy lines covered during the presentation. Some of these toys are currently in stores now, or will be soon, but this was a nice surprise by the folks at Habsro.

The Stikfas toy is especially cool. It's a model that turns into an action figure. This one was black, but they also come in green, for military colors. Fans can place stickers on the bodies for different characters, giving them all different desgins.

The MicroMachines tank is intricately detailed and makes a nice little toy.

The clear Zartan from GI Joe comes in a bag and is loaded with weapons and accessories. This particular bag included a normal Zartan from the SPYTROOPS line that comes packaged with a "Mission Disc" containing 2 cartoons, a PC game, and a digital comic book.

Saga Toys | Clone Wars Toys
Special Guests | Other Toy Lines | Free Stuff
Complete Photo Gallery

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