Star Wars: Crimson Empire #3
February 1998
24ppg, $2.95

Writer, Publisher: Mike Richardson
Writer: Randy Stradley
Penciler: Paul Gulacy
Inker: P. Craig Russell
Letterer: Sean Konot
Colorist: David Stewart
Cover Artist: Dave Dorman
Book Design: Scott Tice
Book Design: Kristen Burda
Editor: Diana Schutz
Assistant Editor: Mike Hansen

Mirith Sinn, Kir Kanos

Sish Sadeet, Tem Merkon

Carnor Jax, General Redd Wessel, Colonel Xexus Shev

Imperial Captain (Phaeda), Phaedan rebel 1, Lieutenant Geff Blim, Imperial officer (Phaeda)

Luke Skywalker (in flashback), Rayf Ysanna (in flashback), Ved Kennede (in flashback; dies), Kile Hannad (in flashback; dies), Palpatine (in flashback)


Byss, Phaeda, Yinchorr

Scout troopers, Emperor's Royal Guard, Stormtroopers, TIE fighter pilots

TIE interceptor, X-wing starfighter, Eclipse II, Imperial Lambda-class shuttle, A-wing starfighter, Emperor's Revenge (unnamed until issue #4), Phaeda's Hope

All Terrain Scout Transport (AT-ST walker), clone turbo tank ("Juggernaut"), TIE crawler

According to the inside cover, the events in this issue takes place 11+ years after the Battle of Yavin.

This issue features a profile on P. Craig Russell, the series inker. There are also letters from Bronwen Krimmel, Laura A. Fitzgerald, Anna Reed, and Chris Stansfield.
On the planet Phaeda rebel troops engage the local Imperial garrison as they battle for their lives. Mirith Sinn directs her troops, but soon realizes that she has sent blue squad too far and they are flanked. She panics but then notices a red armored figure on the battlefield attacking the stormtroopers. It is Kir Kanos, and he is helping the rebels push back the Imperials. His fighting is awesome. He doesn't flinch as shots land near him, and with a single blast manages to destroy a TIE interceptor, causing Colonel Shev to issue retreat orders.

Kanos takes no pride is his work, merely stating that he did what he needed to do, and that someday he may have to take action against the rebels. He explains that he is fighting the corrupt Carnor Jax who has illegally taken control of the Empire. Kanos tells of the last days of the Emperor and the fate of the guardsmen since he died. The remaining guards had to battle for their lives against squads of stormtroopers until only two remained: Kanos and Kile Hannad. On the flip of a coin, their fate was decided and Kanos lost. He was the one to survive with the knowledge of the corruption on the ruling council. Now he only seeks to overthrow the council and restore the true power.

The rebels move their troops to the Collo Fauale base, when Sadeet informs Sinn that Merkon has returned to town. At the garrison headquarters in town, Colonel Shev is informed that a ship landed just before the tapcafe incident. He urgently demands his men assemble, hoping to capture Kanos before Jax arrives. Elsewhere, Jax is racing towards the planet swearing to Wessel that he will crush Shev, should he do anything to interfere with his hunt for Kanos.

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