Star Wars: Crimson Empire #5
April 1998
24ppg, $2.95

Writer, Publisher: Mike Richardson
Writer: Randy Stradley
Penciler: Paul Gulacy
Inker: P. Craig Russell
Letterer: Sean Konot
Colorist: David Stewart
Cover Artist: Dave Dorman
Book Design: Kristen Burda
Book Design: Scott Tice
Editor: Diana Schutz
Assistant Editor: Mike Hansen

APA-5 droid

Yinchorr, Phaeda

TIE fighter pilots, Blackhole stormtroopers, Stormtroopers, Imperial Navy Trooper

Imperial Lambda-class shuttle, Steadfast, B-wing starfighter, E-wing starfighter, TIE fighter, Emperor's Revenge, Scimitar assault bomber, Kir Kanos' tramp freighter, Skipray blastboat (hidden inside Kanos' ship), Lusankya

According to the inside cover, the events in this issue takes place 11+ years after the Battle of Yavin.

This issue creator profiles include letterer Sean Konot and Colorist Dave Stewart. It also features letters from Simon Roberts, Amy Pronovost, Dayne Calhoun, Michael J. Wathen, Kenneth Madsen, and a handful of other quick questions.
As the Imperial Star Destroyer Steadfast begins its orbital assault on the rebel base on Phaeda, Rogue Squadron makes several attack runs on the larger ship, disabling several shields. Elsewhere on the planet, Mirith Sinn and Sish Sadeet make a hasty escape in Kir Kanos' tramp freighter, which is not all it seems. A hidden skipray blastboat emerges from the hull, just a Super Star Destroyer emerges from hyperspace. This is the Lusankya, recently captured by the New Republic and commanded by Wedge Antilles.

Halfway across the galaxy, Lord Jax's ship enters orbit around Yinchorr, spying a scimitar fighter in orbit. General Wessel decides to bring it onboard, as Jax and his squad of black stormtroopers quickly depart in a shuttle. Too late, Wessel realizes that the ship was a trap, and the entire Star Destroyer explodes in a flaming ball of wreckage.

Jax has his pilots land them near the remains of the training facility, and sends his troops in to flush out Kanos. Kanos makes quick work of at least ten troopers before emerging at the empty Squall training ground. Meanwhile, Mirith Sinn docks her ship on board the Lusankya contacting Massimo for an update. He informs her that it could have been worse. Sinn then informs Sadeet that they are leaving to follow Kanos to Yinchorr.

The skipray blastboat arrives to find the wreckage of the Emperor's Revenge as Sinn prepares to land. At the Squall Jax slowly walks out of the dust storm to face Kanos in their old training arena, prepared to end the fight where it began.

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