Star Wars: Dark Empire #5
August 1992
"Emperor Reborn", 24ppg, $2.95

Writer: Tom Veitch
Artist: Cam Kennedy
Letterer: Todd Klein
Editor: Barbara Kesel
Cover Artist: Dave Dorman

Princess Leia Organa Solo, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo

Chewbacca, Salla Zend, Shug Ninx

Lo Khan, Luwingo

Palpatine (as clone, dies, reborn as younger clone)

Jak Sazz (in the Byss restaurant, unnamed), Imperial Commander

Boda Baas

C-3PO (See Threepio), R2-D2 (Artoo Detoo), Hunter-Killer probot (identified as Judgement 12-X7)

Imperial freight complex

Imperial Sovereign Protectors

Starlight Intruder, Millennium Falcon


Storm skimmer patrol sled

Includes a 4 page written behind-the-scenes book format section that fills in the gaps and brings people up to speed on the events happening in the galaxy since Return of the Jedi.

In this issue, and others of the series, the Mon Calamari homeworld, Mon Calamari, is referred to as simply Calamari.
At an eatery in the Imperial Freight complex on Byss, Salla Zend and Shug Ninx are thanking Lo Khan and Luwingo for allowing them to dock the Millennium Falcon inside the Hyperspace Marauder's hold. Lo Khan tells them that a huge military buildup is occurring and all the space pirates are running goods to the planet. Shug gets an incoming transmission from Solo with his coordinates, and he and Salla run off to get the Falcon to rescue them. An Imperial Hunter-Killer droid (HK) is busy scanning the Hyperspace Marauder and discovers the Falcon hidden aboard. Ninx and Salla attempt to flee in the Corellian ship, but are drawn into the belly of the gigantic droid.

Meanwhile in the Emperor's palace, Palpatine is gloating over the captured Leia, telling her she will be greater than her brother. He shows her an old Jedi Holocron which she opens. Bodo Baas, the Jedi of this holocron, warns Leia of Jedi seeking to conquer the Dark Side by learning their secrets. Palpatine admits to Leia that he is old and fragile and will soon enter one of his clones, but he can enter any body he wishes, even that of her unborn child. Leia becomes enraged at this and pushes Palpatine's bed over, knocking him to the floor. He is pleased that he can evoke this level of anger in her, but becomes irate when he realizes she has stolen his Holocron.

Luke is receiving a new hand as an Imperial Commander is reporting the loss of three World Devastators due to tampering with the Master Control signal. Using a Jedi mind trick, Luke asks the Commander to keep this information to himself. Leia enters and asks Luke to leave with her. Luke thanks her for coming and tells her his plan for using Artoo, who now holds the Master Control Code and the Emperor's battle plans, to help defeat the Imperials. He suggests they all go rescue Han and Chewbacca and return to Pinnacle Base.

Meanwhile in the Imperial Dungeon as Han and Chewie are attempting to escape, a Hunter-Killer droid approaches and fires at their cell. It seems that Shug Ninx and Salla Zend were able to take control of the droid after being captures. They rescue Han and Chewie and are about to go after Leia when she, Luke and the droids arrive. Leia assures Han that Luke knows what he is doing and they depart on the Millennium Falcon as security patrols show up.

Luke tells everyone that Artoo holds the key to terminating the World Devastators and he can be used immediately. He then fades away, having use a Dark Side trick to make them leave Byss, while he stays behind and destroys the Emperor.

In the clone labs on Byss, the Emperor offers the power of the Dark Side to young Skywalker once again. Once again he refuses and then strikes the Emperor down with his lightsaber and begins destroying the clone vats as well. Unfortunately, one clone survives and is repossessed by Palpatine's dark presence. He and Luke battle tremendously, but Luke is no match for the younger, stronger Palpatine and is soon beaten. The reborn Emperor seeks vengeance on Leia for stealing his holocron and seeks her unborn child as well, and he wants Luke to help him.

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