Star Wars: Droids #3
June 1994
"The Saga of C-3PX", 24ppg, $2.50

Script: Dan Thorsland
Artist: Ian Gibson
Letterer: Steve Dutro
Colorist: Pamela Rambo
Cover Artist: Kilian Plunkett
Book Design: Scott Tice
Editor: Ryder Windham

C-3PX (destroyed), C-3PO (See Threepio), R2-D2 (Artoo Detoo), Gladiator droid (destroyed)

Kalarba, Hosk Station

Mandalorian battle harness


The title of this issue is culled from "The Kalarba Adventures" Trade Paperback.

This issue marks the first Droids letter page Droid Barge, named after the vehicle that brought Artoo and Threepio to Hosk Station in the first Dark Horse Comics storyline.
Baron Pitareeze is driving his landspeeder to the shuttle terminal in Kalarba city on a particularly bumpy road off the normal transit lane. He is delivering the Droids to meet Nak up at Hosk Station. Dizzy from the ride, Threepio falls getting out of the speeder and cracks his faceplate. The Baron gives him a few credits to have it repaired.

Once up on Hosk Station, the droids enter Trillka's Repair Shop where Trillka says she can repair the faceplate, but Artoo must wait outside. While waiting, Artoo here's a strange noise in the shadows. Investigating he gets zapped by a power beam and is knocked over.

Threepio exits the shop looking for his companion and startles two tourists who run off in shock, noting that Threepio is the same droid in a wanted poster on the wall. It appears that the fix Trillka made to Threepio's faceplate places a large X on his dome in the same place as a wanted droid.

Meanwhile at bay twenty, Nak Pitareeze is waiting for Threepio when he runs into another golden protocol droid with red eyes. Mistaking it for C-3PO, Nak attempts to get it to help him with his cargo. The rude droid tells Nak he will blast the boy if he does not get out of the way. Nak apologizes as the droid walks away and then notices the same wanted poster on the wall.

Threepio startles two of Mollo's henchmen who assume him to be C-3PX and run off to tell their boss. Nak finally finds the golden protocol droid and shows him the poster for C-3PX, telling him they need to get Artoo and get off the station quickly.

Artoo has been captured by Mollo and is having a Mandalorian Battle Harness attached to him for the droid death match in the arena. One of the henchmen runs in and lets Mollo know that C-3PX is on the station. Mollo is pleased and announces a legendary battle in the droid arena this evening.

A well armed alien named Vojak confronts 3PX for killing his brother on Bonadan. Threepiex tells him it was only his programming and disarms Vojak with a small blaster hidden in his arm. He then warns the alien to stay out of his way. The droid vaporizes Vojak with a laser hidden in his cranium when the alien attempts to shoot him in the back.

While looking for Artoo, Threepio and Nak are confronted by Mollo with a suppressor tube; which he blasts the droid with and carts him away warning Pitareeze to stand clear. Nak wonders how he knows his name, and decides to seek out some help.

In the arena, Trillka informs Mollo that the protocol droid is in fact not 3PX. Stalling for time, he decides to send a gladiator droid out to fight Artoo. But Artoo refuses to fight so Mollo, who reveals himself to be Olag Greck in disguise, says he will scrap Threepio unless the astromech droid fights. Threepio tells Artoo to 'politely disable' any droid entering the arena, which he does, until Greck throws Threepio out as well.

Nak and Threepiex arrive and confront Greck, who it turns out was the one to program 3PX for his missions. The droid wants to survive, but Nak just wants his droids back. Threepio is thrown out of the arena, and it's Threepiex that decides that he should return in his place.

3PX's armament pops out as he attempts to dismantle Artoo's power harness. Artoo responds with deadly force, and a large hammer, smashing the protocol droid. An announcement follows that Hosk station security has surrounded the arena, and Greck takes off.

The Baron enters to collect his grandson and droids, and Nak tells him the tale of the droid who gave his life to help them. Artoo admits to Threepio that he couldn't tell the two protocol droids apart, much to Threepio's surprise and chagrin.

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