Star Wars: Droids #6
September 1994
"Countdown at Hosk", 24ppg, $2.50

Script: Dan Thorsland
Penciler: Bill Hughes
Inker: Andy Mushynsky
Letterer: Steve Dutro
Colorist: Pamela Rambo
Cover Artist: Kilian Plunkett
Book Design: Scott Tice
Script: Ryder Windham

Olag Greck, Baron Pitareeze, Trillka, Ithorian tourists, red alien trader (haggling with the Baron), armadillo-like alien (warns the Baron about the ruptured power core)

Nak Pitareeze



power droid, Unit Zed, treadwell droid, 11-17, C-3PO (See Threepio), R2-D2 (Artoo Detoo), Grozbok (destroyed), headless carbonite-based droid (destroyed), hovering four-armed droid (destroyed)

Hosk Station, Kalarba

Olag Greck's cruiser, cargo barge, Pitareeze cruiser, Unit Zed's starship

The title of this issue is culled from "The Kalarba Adventures" Trade Paperback as it was not specified in the actual issue.

The droid 11-17 maybe an in-joke and reference to the release date of the Star Wars Holiday Special which debuted on November 17, 1978.

This issue is the last issue of the six issue limited series. Proven to be a popular title, Dark Horse decided to continue the adventures of the Droids in an expanded, presumably ongoing series, seven months later. The second series ended up lasting only eight issues, but featured expanded, multi-issue storylines.
On Hosk Station Threepio is translating for the Baron in some sort of business agreement when the station's evacuation alarm goes off. A passerby informs the Baron that the power core has been ruptured and will explode shortly. The Baron tells Threepio to get Artoo and empty the hold of any nonessential items; he will be gathering refugees.

When the Baron shows up with a large contingent of alien refugees, Artoo tells him that two passengers must stay behind. A pair of Ithorians volunteer, but Artoo and Threepio elect to remain instead.

The droids wander around the deserted city discovering a number of other discarded droids. They are all discovered by Unit Zed an automated security droid, who asks for droid volunteers to assist with a breach in the power core. Artoo heads off with Zed, and Threepio reluctantly follows.

On the way to the power core in an access tunnel, the droids discover a hulgren, a giant snake-like creature. They manage to scare it off. In the power core Unit Zed question Trillka who is busy fiddling with the reactor. She explains that Olag Greck sabotaged the core so he could steal cargo from a barge at dock seven. Unit Zed and the droids head off to dock seven to subdue the criminal.

Zed and Artoo spot Greck and Xob pulling cargo from the barge's hull. they however have not seen Greck's newest assistant - a giant wrecking droid named Grozbok. Grozbok stomps on Unit Zed before consuming another droid that has been assisting Zed.

Frustrated Trillka gives up on trying to fix the power core. She explains to Threepio that if only they could cut the main coolant line, then the explosion could be directed away from Hosk. The protocol droid recommends that a bite from a hulgren might be able to pierce the conduit. So, later in the access tunnels, Threepio attempts to lure the hulgren towards the conduit. he succeeds and the giant creature bites into the conduit releasing the pressure.

Grozbok rips a leg off of Unit Zed, but is distracted by Artoo and some target drones. He release Zed and uses his fire-breath to destroy another droid that flies over his head.

A small tank droid, 11-17, distracts Grozbok with its laser allowing Unit Zed to toss a stun baton into the dorsal access panel, shorting out the wrecking machine. Zed sees Greck escape and assumes that Trillka failed in her task. Suddenly a blast of steam vents out of Hosk station and disrupts Greck's ship causing him to lose his stolen cargo before he flies off.

The droids are later reunited with the Baron and Nak. Zed commends Artoo on his help and deputizes him. Their first task is to travel to the Corellian Sector to search for Olag Greck. Nak and the Baron wish them luck, and the droids depart into the vast reaches of space.

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