Star Wars: Jedi vs. Sith #1
April 2001
22ppg, $2.99

Script: Darko Macan
Penciler: Ramon F. Bachs
Inker: Raul Fernandez
Colorist: Chris Blythe
Letterer: Steve Dutro
Cover Artist: Andrew Robinson
Cover Colors: David Stewart
Book Design: Keith Wood
Assistant Editor: Philip Simon
Editor: Dave Land
Publisher: Mike Richardson

Somov Rit fish

Somov Rit, Ambria, Ruusan

Brotherhood of Darkness, Army of Light

Torr Snapit's ship, Buzzard


According to the inside cover, the events in this issue takes place 1,000 years before the Battle of Yavin.

This issue features an alternate cover sold through Dynamic Forces.

Elements of this series, while not elaborated on in the comic, have been given greater detail with the release of the Darth Bane: Path of Destruction novel by Drew Karpyshyn (Del Rey; 2006). In this issue, the planet that Darth Bane wanders in an attempt to purge the poison from his body is identified as Ambria, and the Shaman with knowledge of the antidote is named Caleb.

The inhabitants of Somov Rit use nicknames for each other believe they believe that if your real name is used then a swamp demon will come and claim you.

Jedi mentioned in this issue include Kiel Charny, Lord Saleeh, Chayka, Zor Vlahu, [Myl] Vlahu (Zor's sister, named in the WOTC supplement "Kyle Katarn's Tale"), Turpimir, Lord Gale & ord Valenthyne Farfalla. Lord Gale is also mentioned as having a host, so is possibly a parasitic species.
Prologue: On an unnamed planet, a father and his three children are scavenging junk, when his youngest, Mikki, discovers a lightsaber. The father tells him to throw the cursed weapon away, when it suddenly activates slaying the three children. The father sees a dark and menacing figure come over the hill of junk, and cries to the man, "Why did I have to see it?". The figure looks on silently as the lightsaber strikes the old man down as well.

On Somov Rit, a young child named Bug uses Force ability to draw a fish closer to the surface of the lake so that he can spear it. While on the shore, a blindfolded Tomcat practices batting at fruit thrown by his cousin Rain. They argue amongst themselves as their older cousin Root arrives with Torr Snapit, a Jedi scout recruiting for the war on Ruusan.

Both Tomcat is excited, while Bug prefers to joke about the whole prospect. Rain too is excited so Torr tests her abilities on maslak plant. With much concentration she manages to make it open, and dances around, singing "I can go!"

Meanwhile on Ruusan itself, Petja brings news of a great victory to Lord Hoth. He also brings news about their losses which distress Hoth, as he predicts that to drive the darkness away, the light might have to perish as well. Hoth's aide Pernicar informs him that reinforcements are coming in the form of Lord Farfalla and the scouts with their young recruits. Hoth is not satisfied with either of these answers, but is reminded that his opponent Kaan will send children against them even if he does not.

Torr's ship streaks through hyperspace, as Bug confronts Tomcat. He wonders why Tomcat made everyone believe that Rain used the Force. Tomcat explains that she is their blood, and has no one else to look after her. Bug would honestly rather be without family. It would be liberating he thinks.

Two other young Jedi candidates, twins named Sladak and Slatka, introduce themselves to Tomcat and Bug, wondering about the strange nature of their names. Tomcat says its a tradition on their planet. His real name is Darovit.

At that moment a pair of Sith Buzzard fighters begin firing on the ship. As everyone straps in the twins become excited at the adventure starting, just as an explosion rips through the shipping killing them both. Rain is sucked out of the hole to Tomcat's surprise. Torr is able to radio for help and a squad of Jedi airhooks chase away the buzzards.

Back on the unnamed planet, the dark, sweaty stranger drives up to a shaman's dwelling. The shaman acknowledges he knows who the stranger is and that he is seeking a cure to the poison in his body. He refuses to cure the stranger, going as far to show him his lack of fear, by plunging a hand into his kettle of boiling liquid. The stranger marches into the dwelling and uses the Force to threaten the shaman's daughter. Crying, the shaman relents to help this evil being.

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