Star Wars: Jedi vs. Sith #4
July 2001
22ppg, $2.99

Script: Darko Macan
Penciler: Ramon F. Bachs
Inker: Raul Fernandez
Colorist: Chris Blythe
Letterer: Steve Dutro
Cover Artist: Andrew Robinson
Cover Colors: Dave McCaig
Book Design: Keith Wood
Assistant Editor: Philip Simon
Editor: Dave Land
Publisher: Mike Richardson



Brotherhood of Darkness, Army of Light


Swoop bike, Falfalla's ship

According to the inside cover, the events in this issue takes place 1,000 years before the Battle of Yavin.

Jedi mentioned include Gale, Chayka and Turpimir as well as the "traitorous King Lahzar."
The forest of Ruusan. A lone "bouncer" runs from an advancing wall of flame, which destroys as it travels. Jedi battle Sith. But both stop as a wall of destruction washes over them, decimating the landscape.

Darth Bane suddenly wonders what has happened. Kaan and the other Sith have broken their link together. They are headed off to finish the Jedi, but Bane bades them to stay and do it through the force. Lord Kopecz tells Bane that he frightens them. The rest of the Dark Lords feel that Bane is only out for himself. Bane explains he has the Dark Side in mind, and that Kaan has the army that he deserves.

Kiel Charny is attempting to help the survivors of the Sith attack, while Tomcat tries to reason this battle out. This is not like the songs of the Jedi he has heard. Charny tells him that nobody can live in a song. He then asks Tomcat to assist a wounded Sith. Tomcat refuses and the Sith is blasted by a bolt meant for Tomcat.

The Sith Lords come screaming out of the sky on swoop bikes, blasting everything in site, friend or foe. As they turn around for another pass, Tomcat is shell shocked, Rajan is dead, and Charny steals himself for the inevitable.

Githany bears down on her former lover. Charny lights his saber, and when asked if he can deflect the blasts, he tell the man, no. But he will try. But before he can act, an explosion rocks Githany's speeder and the others.

The giant golden ship of Lord Valenthyne Farfalla has joined the fight. Lord Hoth greets him with venom to Farfalla's dismay. He promised to deliver three hundred Jedi knights and he has done so. Hoth feels that Frafalla covers himself with too much gold and silk. He does a disservice to the dead.

Frafalla is angered by Hoth's words, especially when Hoth tells him that the real Jedi will stay and fight. He can fight some banquet. With that Farfalla returns to his ship and departs leaving Hoth and his rag-tag army to complete the war.

Charny tells his companion that Farfalla is a good Jedi when out of the smoke of the battlefield emerges a ragged Githany. She pulls out a lightwhip and attacks Charny, cutting off his hand. Tomcat intervenes holding Charny's lightsaber and agreeing with Githany. The Jedi are weak. Tomcat then kills Charny and leaves with Githany. He tells her his true name, Darovit.

On another part of the battlefield Bug is searching for his cousin. Ginger, the young Jedi, runs up to him and tells him of the battle and Tomcat's treachery against the Jedi. Bug cannot believe it.

Meanwhile, Rain has protected Laa and herself from the Sith firestorm, and is very pleased with her Force ability and the fact that she will be a Jedi. Saddened, Laa tells her that she will not be a Jedi, but a Sith. Rain can't believe this, but Laa's dreams have always come true.

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