Star Wars: Jedi vs. Sith #6
September 2001
22ppg, $2.99

Writer: Darko Macan
Penciler: Ramon F. Bachs
Inker: Raul Fernandez
Colorist: Chris Blythe
Letterer: Steve Dutro
Story: Andrew Robinson
Artist: Dave McCaig
Colorist: Keith Wood
Editor: Philip Simon
Writer, Editor: Dave Land
Publisher: Mike Richardson

Zannah aka "Rain", Darovit aka "Tomcat", Hardin aka "Bug" (dies)

Lord Hoth (dies), Githany (dies), Jedi warrior (Ruusan), Valenthyne Falfalla (dies), Falfalla's envoy (presumed dead), Lirondo (presumed dead), Lord Kopecz (dies)

Darth Bane, Lord Kaan (dies)

Laa (as corpse)

Ruusanian bats, "bouncers"



Swoop bike

According to the inside cover, the events in this issue takes place 1,000 years before the Battle of Yavin.
It is the Battle of Ruusan. Lord Falfallas forces have joined with Lord Hoth and defeated the Sith on the battlefield. But Lord Kopecz asks that his life not be spared. He promises he will share the Sith's plans, if he is allowed to be killed.

Elsewhere Rain introduces herself to Darth Bane. She lets him know that she's a killer too.

And in the caves of the Sith, cousins Darovit (aka Tomcat) and Hardin (aka Bug) battle over their decisions; Darovit to join the Sith and Hardin to stay with the Jedi. Githany manages to free herself from teh attacking bats and uses her lightwhip to hack off one of Hardin's legs. She wants to leave before the though bomb is activated, and Hardin dares Darovit to finish what Githany started.

Farfalla begs Hoth not to walk into Kaan's trap. But Hoth knows what is coming and would rather walk into the trap knowing that the Sith will die as well. He confronts the insane Lord Kaan, who claps his hands and triggers the bomb.

Bane asks Rain why she killed. She admits it was to restore the balance, and make things right.

As Tomcat threatens his cousin Bug, he realizes he doesn't really want to kill him. They hear the sound of the thought bomb and Bug's life starts draining out of him. Tomcat rgaes that it should be affecting him as well, when a rock crashes down on Bug killing him.

Fleeing from the effects of the thought bomb, Githany cannot quite make it out of range in time as her desiccated body is pulled into the giant crater caused by the bomb.

Tomcat discovers more death on the battlefield and a sorrowful Jedi that lets him know that everyone is gone. Returning to the cave, Tomcat finds an orb that contains what is left of the Sith and the Jedi.

Outside Darth Bane and Rain pull up on his swoop bike. She is happy to see Tomcat, but tells her cousin that she is now going by her real name, Zannah. Tomcat pulls his lightsaber out, sensing Bane's doing in this. Using the Force, Zannah explodes Tomcat's hand, letting him know that there would be no use in Bane's death now. Suddenly Githany's skelatal body emerges from the cave, wanting to join with Bane, before she dissolves into a pile of bone and ash. Bane and Zannah leave, letting Tomcat wallow in his tears of frustration and pain.

Epilogue: An older Tomcat wanders the plains of Ruusan with several "bouncers". He ponders the future and his path. Failed as a Jedi and a Sith, he wonders what he should do. A "bouncer" suggests that he should live as a man. He likes that idea.

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