Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi #2
November 1993
"Ulic Qel-Droma and the Beast Wars of Onderon" part 2, 27ppg, $2.50

Writer: Tom Veitch
Penciller: Chris Gossett
Inker: Mike Barreiro
Letterer: Willie Schubert
Colorist: Pamela Rambo
Cover Artist: Dave Dorman
Editor: Dan Thorsland
Book Design: Scott Tice

Ulic Qel-Droma, Cay Qel-Droma, Tott Doneeta

Onderonian Soldier (several different characters including an artillery soldier, infantry soldiers and wave gunners), Galia, Oron Kira, Modon Kira, Drokko the Elder, Queen Amanoa, Onderonian General, Beast Warrior (in communication with Modon)

Arca Jeth

Freedon Nadd (remains, in a sarcophagus)

boma beast

XT-6 (deactivated)


Beast Warriors, Onderonian Royal Protectors

The Sungem (Master Arca's ship), Nebulon Ranger

defense guns

This issue represents the end of the Ulic Qel-Droma storyline, for the moment. Issue #3 continues the five issue series with the story of Nomi Sunrider. These two characters lives, while not intermingled here in the current series, will be tied together over the larger story arc.

At one point, Arca mentions the Sith tradition of "one dark lord at a time". On face value this appears to contradict the Prequels where we find out that "Always Two their are, a master and an apprentice." But Arca does go on to say that as long as the Master lived, Nadd would be unable to become a Sith Lord. It can be assumed that a true Sith Lord would be the Master, while the Apprentice would be a Sith Apprentice. As always, these were written 6 years before The Phantom Menace so it's inevitable that continuity errors will crop up. That's why Dark Horse invented Jedi vs. Sith!

The ship piloted by Master Arca is unamed in this series, but was identified from the Tales of the Jedi Companion published by West End Games.
Having been hit by a seeker torpedo and with damaged lateral fins, the Nebulon Ranger spirals into the ground. But using their deflector shields, the Jedi Knights Ulic Qel-Droma, his brother Cay and the Twi'lek Tott Doneeta survive the impact.

Tott steps outside the ship and sees a great forest stronghold guarded by large dinosaur looking boma beasts. Using his Jedi abilities, Tott is able to communicate with these creatures and even convince them to give them transport into the fortress.

Ulic and his comrades find Queen Amanoa's daughter Galia about to wed the reigning beast lord Oron Kira. They charge in and rescue Galia but she surprises them by telling them she actually wants to marry Oron Kira!

Being a great leader, Modon Kira, Oron's father, orders his men to stand down and invites the Jedi to join them at the wedding. Ulic accepts and Modon Kira pledges he is ready to talk peace, but just as ready to make war. Oron admits that they will never see peace as long as Iziz stands.

Ulic wonders how Galia and Oron could have met and fallen in love. She tells them that the Kira's have been trading secretly with the underground for years. They planned her abduction because she cannot live with the Dark Side anymore. Ulic can hardly believe that the Dark Side is here.

Oron tells him that 400 years ago, a Dark Jedi named Freedon Nadd, brought the power of the Dark Side to Onderon to rule the people unchallenged. His grandfather Drokko was cast out of Iziz 50 years ago, branded a criminal, for challenging the Dark Side.

Modon asks Ulic to join them in overthrowing Iziz, but Ulic has sworn to use violence as a last resort. He chooses to confront the Queen with the marriage and ask her to end the war. Oron and Galia do not believe this will work. Suddenly, Drokko spurs to life, having sat quiet for so long and asks Ulic if he fails, will he help wage war on the Dark Side. Ulic says he will, but that he will not fail!

The Jedi fix their ship within the day and fly into the city of Iziz with a beast-lord escort. Modon agrees to hold off on his attacks, but knows in his heart that Ulic will fail. The city defense guns blast at the beast-riders and Cay tells them to hold their fire since they have the Queen's daughter onboard. They are allowed to land safely.

The Queen is incensed by her daughters betrayal. She refuses to hear any of their statements and calls upon the spirit of Freedon Nadd. The castle and the hearts of the Jedi are flooded with darkness. All but Cay manage to flee into a secret passage. Ulic orders Tott to take Galia and Oron back to the Ranger as he fulfills his promise to help fight against the Onderonians.

Modon orders his beast-riders to attack and a great flock of flying creatures swoops over the city. The city's defense guns reign violence upon them, but today the sides seem evenly matched. Today, the beast lords reveal that their weaponry has been upgraded in the last two years by off-world traders.

Back in the throne room, Cay orders Queen Amanoa to quench the darkness, but he is blasted by a Royal Protector, forcing him to drop his lightsaber. The Onderonian then brings a deadly energy blade down on him, slicing off his entire left arm. Queen Amanoa makes a hasty retreat into the mausoleum of Freedon Nadd and opens herself to his power, sapping the will of the beast riders.

Ulic returns for his wounded brother who notices a droid in the shadows that he can use to make a prosthetic arm for himself. The overall tide is turning toward the Onderonians, until a spacecraft descends complete with a practitioner in Jedi Battle Meditation. Master Arca has come to see why Ulic has not resolved the issues here. With the help of this great Jedi Master, the city of Iziz falls to the Beast Masters.

Arca expresses disappointment in Ulic's failure, but he concedes the test may have been to great for Ulic's first command.

Arca then leads the Jedi into Freedon Nadd's tomb and confronts the Queen who reels in the presence of the Light. The Jedi Master informs Galia that the shadow hold on the city is now broken.

Oron and Galia consecrate their marriage on front of the entire city, while Master Arca tells his apprentices to stay on the planet for awhile. There still may be elements in the city that follow Freedon Nadd and could cause trouble. Ulic asks how a Jedi, trained in the Light could turn to the Dark. Arca hopes that Ulic will never have to find out.

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