Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi #3
December 1993
"The Saga of Nomi Sunrider" part 1, 25ppg, $2.50

Writer: Tom Veitch
Artist: Janine Johnston
Technical Art Assist: John Nadeau
Letterer: Willie Schubert
Colorist: Pamela Rambo
Cover Artist: Dave Dorman
Editor: Dan Thorsland
Book Design: Scott Tice

Andur Sunrider (dies), Nomi Sunrider

Vima Sunrider, Gudb, Quanto (dies), Rek (dies), Oss Wilum (unnamed)

Bogga the Hutt (unnamed)


staga, gorm-worm (named Skritch)

A-3DO (Threedee)

Stenness Hyperspace Terminal, Ambria

Lightside Explorer

adegan crystals

sail barge

Nomi's tale was first seen in the pages of the Dark Horse Comics (issues #7-9) anthology title. It has been recolored and re-lettered for its compilation here.

This is the only issue of the series that is entirely reprinted material.
While the story of Ulic Qel-Droma was an important turning point for the galaxy, there is another tale of a Jedi, adept in the arts of Battle Meditation that will never be forgotten, Nomi Sunrider.

Jedi Knight Andur Sunrider, his wife Nomi and their daughter Vima gather their things and board their ship the Lightside Explorer on a mission to find the Jedi Master Thon. Andur has some Adegan crystals that he is bringing in exchange for training him further in the ways of the Force. His droid Threedee prepares the ship and they make the jump to hyperspace.

They land at a spaceport near the Stenness system to clear customs for their trip. The travelers and their Adegan crystals are noticed by a local Hutt crimelord and his associates, who plans to steal them and sell to the highest bidder. As 3DO returns to the table with food, Quanto and Rek, two of the Hutt's henchmen, create a diversion while Gudb and his pet gorm-worm Skritch sneak up behind Andur and attack him. The poison from the gorm-worm works very fast and soon Andur is lying dead in front of his family.

The spirit of Andur Sunrider appears to his wife, urging her to pick up his lightsaber and defend herself. She manages to strike down Quanto and Rek but Gudb escapes to warn his master. Andur appears to Nomi again and asks her to take the crystals to Master Thon, and he will show her the direction her life is to take. She agrees and soon is rocketing away from the station with her daughter Vima and 3DO.

Master Thon's presence stands out to Nomi very vividly in the Force, as she is guided to a ringed planet, Ambria. Leaving 3DO in the ship Nomi and Vima walk across the dry planet, past a steaming Dark Side infested lake, before coming upon a small hut in the middle of the desolation. A man appears riding on the back of a strange beast. The man, whom Nomi recognizes as a Jedi, invites her into the hut for rest and nourishment.

Meanwhile, on another part of the planet, the Hutt has tracked the Lightside Explorer and sends his henchmen in to find the Crystals. 3DO is blasted by a Nikto henchman as Gudb starts tearing the ship apart.

As the Jedi fixes a meal, Nomi recounts her story and begins to give the Adegan crystals as a gift, when suddenly a noise is heard outside. The Hutt's sail barge has arrived at the dwelling where they are randomly shooting some of the Jedi's staga herd. The Jedi ignites his lightsaber to defend his creatures, taking down a Weequay enforcer in the process, before he too falls. Gudb is about to finish him when the Jedi's beast charges the Hutts entourage and ship, throwing off some kind of force field. The Hutt beats a hasty retreat.

The Jedi thanks his Master. Nomi is puzzled by this exchange, but the Jedi reveals that this beast is actually Master Thon, a very advanced Jedi, and that she shall be receiving her training from him.

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