Star Wars: Republic #75
April 2005
"Siege of Saleucami" part 2, 22ppg, $2.99

Quinlan Vos

Tholme (apparently dies), Aayla Secura, Jeisel, K'kruhk, A'sharad Hett, Oppo Rancisis (dies)

Anzati 1 (dies), Anzati 2 (dies), Anzati 3 (dies), Anzati 4 (dies), Bok, Tol Skorr, Sora Bulq, Count Dooku, Rath Kelkko (dies)

T'ra Saa, Yoda, Zao, Commander Bly, Commander Faie


Clone troopers, Morgukai

TX-130 fighter tank

According to the inside cover, the events in this issue takes place three weeks before Revenge of the Sith.
Meditating within the caldera of an active volcano, Master Tholme senses the battle raging above, as well as his padawans. He wonders about his first padawan, Quinlan Vos and what he has become.

Within the city Quin, Aayla Secura, and her clone Commander Bly are engaging dozens of Morgukai assassins. They come upon Bok and Skorr, and Quinlan quickly takes off after the Jedi. He and Skorr engage their lightsabers briefly before slipping into the Separatist compound together.

Meanwhile, rogue Jedi Sora Bulq reports to his master that while they have the tactical edge, Master Rancisis' battle meditations are keeping them from being able to gain any ground. Quin arrives and Dooku asks him to help out with one other issue: kill his former master, Tholme. Quin agrees.

Deep within his meditation, Tholme sits under a large tree in a flower filled field with T'ra Saa. Suddenly a storm is upon them and the weather changes to darkness and clouds. Images of Yoda and Zao appear and tell him that he must look his padawan in the eyes to see if he has fallen to the dark side. Back at the caldera rim, Quinlan quietly walks up behind Tholme.

At the perimeter of the Republic camp, K'kruhk and Jeisel sense the Morgukai seconds before they invade. While the Jedi engage the Nikto warriors, deep inside the headquarters a hidden separatist makes radio contact with Skorr.

Back near the bubbling lava, Quinlan tries to convince his former Master that Sora Bulq is the second Sith. Tholme is unconvinced and wonders why Quinlan is so adamant to engage the rogue Jedi. He admits to killing his great aunt, the Sheyf Tinté, but under the guise of doing the job he was sent to do, by Tholme himself. Quin's anger rises and he strikes out at Tholme. If his master must die so the war can end, then so be it he screams.

Within Master Rancisis' room, he wakes from his slumber to find himself surrounded by Anzati assassins. He is unfazed and manages to subdue four of them without any effort.

Tholme apologizes to Quinlan, saying he should never have sent him on his journey into the darkness. But Quin is convinced he is the savior of the galaxy.

While the distractions continue outside the Republic HQ, Oppo Rancisis is now in a one-on-one contest with Rath Kelkko.

Quinlan feels he has uncovered the secret to success. Maybe a dark Jedi is needed to defeat the Sith. Maybe the Jedi must do whatever it takes. They continue to battle out over a narrow rock bridge overlooking the splashing lava.

Master Rancisis is tired, but using his concentration he manages to trip Kelkko with is tail, causing the Anzati to fall on his own vibro sword. Suddenly pain shoots across his face as Sora Bulq sneaks up behind him and murders him. The invasion was only a distraction.

Quinlan deflects Tholme's strike with a cortosis gauntlet and manages to get the upper hand in the battle. Tholme believes that there is good left in Quin and he will not kill him, but Quin, imbued with anger, tells him he will do what he must.

Tholme plunges off the side of the rock bridge towards the lava. Aayla feels his sacrifice in the Force as Quinlan sullenly walks away.

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