Star Wars: Republic #77
June 2005
"Siege of Saleucami" part 4, 22ppg, $2.99

Story, Penciler, Cover Artist: Jan Duursema

Quinlan Vos

Tholme, Aayla Secura, Khaleen Hentz, Republic officer, Jeisel, K'kruhk, Sagoro Autem, Xiaan Amersu (dies), A'sharad Hett

Anzati 5 (dies), Bok (dies), Tol Skorr (dies), Sora Bulq (dies), Count Dooku

Commander Bly, Commander Cody (or at least a clone in the same armor)

dwarf spider droid

Clone troopers

ARC-170 starfighter, Jedi Starfighter [Eta-3], Republic attack cruiser

All Terrain Tactical Enforcer (AT-TE walker)

According to the inside cover, the events in this issue takes place three weeks before Revenge of the Sith.

One of the clone troopers on the splash page seems to be wearing Commander Cody's style of armor. It has yet to be confirmed if this is the same trooper or just a similar color and kit scheme.

Quinlan is ordered to Boz Pity, and Aayla is being sent to Felucia which is where we will see them next (or at least mentioned) in the screenplay to Revenge of the Sith. Quin then will travel to Kashyyyk where, according to the Sith comic adaptation, he will die. But the final issues of Republic show that he survived the blast on Kashyyyk.
With the shield to the Separatist base down, thanks to the work of Quinlan Vos and Aayla Secura, the Republic forces begin to charge the base. Captain Autem says he cannot start an orbital bombardment due to the fact that the planetary gun is still operational.

A'sharad Hett and Xiaan Amersu turn their attention to the gun, but Xiaan is quickly blasted by laser fire. She knows that she and her ship will not survive so with every last ounce of effort she possesses, she turns her craft into a death blow to the planetary gun. Captain Autem tells all combatants to evacuate the area. Once he starts his bombardment nothing will be left in the caldera.

Inside the Seps base, Aayla is pitched in a fevrous battle with the Morgukai, Bok, while Khaleen holds her own with a blaster against Anzati assassins. Above a sea of lava, Quinlan and Skorr go at it; Quin's rage bubbling to the top at Skorr's apparent lies regarding Sora Bulq. He claims that Bulq is not the second Sith and that Dooku used Quin knowing his obsession with finding and eliminating the Sith. Quinlan drawn on by rage, pushes Skorr over the edge, into the pool of magma below.

Quin then deflects Bulq's saber from killing his former Master, Tholme. Bulq continues to dare him to draw upon the darkness seething within him.

Aayla continues fighting with Bok until she is able to get his back up against the laser gate. A well timed Force push and Bok fries himself. Quin however, is enraptured with blood rage. Dooku's hologram is taunting Tholme that he cannot get through to his former padawan. So both Tholme and Aayla enter a meditative trance in order to reach out to Quin and help him through this difficult time.

Within the heart mind where the shadows lie, his astral self faces down -- himself. Or at least the dark version of himself. But he is interrupted by Aayla's presence. She reminds him that a Jedi is never truly alone and uses her light to lift the darkness from his heart.

At that moment, all is clarity for the Kiffar Jedi. He strikes swiftly and takes down Sora Bulq in one well placed strike.

At that moment Captain Autem opens fire on the Sep base with his turbolasers and the entire place begins to come down around the Jedi. Tholme, having learned the passageways quite well over the last five months leads them out.

The surviving Jedi all gather around, thanking each other and letting each other know of their next assignments. Quin then has the biggest surprise. He states that when the war is over he will leave the Jedi order, not because of the darkness that forever will haunt him, but because Khaleen carries their child. He asks Khaleen to find a safe corner of the galaxy and wait for him. When the war is over shortly, he will find her -- if the Force wills it.

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