Star Wars: Republic #76
May 2005
"Siege of Saleucami" part 3, 22ppg, $2.99

dwarf spider droid


Clone troopers, Morgukai


droid starfighter, ARC-170 starfighter, Jedi Starfighter [Eta-3]

Republic attack gunship, clone turbo tank ("Juggernaut")

According to the inside cover, the events in this issue takes place three weeks before Revenge of the Sith.

This issue also features the names of Jedi as pulled from the screen names on the Dark Horse message boards. As with issue #74, Ausar Auset's name makes an appearance, as do Durnar, T'Bolton (Tim Bolton being the screen name of this individual) and Xeltek. Jan Duursema makes a sentimental statement regarding Xeltek who died earlier in 2005.
Returning to the Republic command center, Quinlan Vos lets the rest of the assembled Jedi know that Tholme is dead. They wonder what should be done next now that Master Rancisis is dead. Quin offers to use his telemetric ability to "read" Rancisis' body and gather what the Master had planned for them next.

He proceeds, against K'kruhk's wishes, and sees that the plan had been to launch a ground and air attack against the planetary gun to distract the Seps. Once that is accomplished they can sneak a party in to blow the power supply to the shield. Quin volunteers to go alone, but Aayla convinces him that she should go as well.

Prior to the commencement of their raids, they Jedi gather for one final moment to say goodbye to their fallen comrades. The Republic forces then begin their invasion en masse; by land and by air. Underneath the base, Quinlan and Aayla are setting their explosive charges on the magma vents that feed the power to the shields. As they finish up, Quin tells Aayla he has something to do before he exits, and sends her ahead.

In the main chamber of the base, Bok is making his report to Count Dooku when Quinlan comes in and tells them he knows the plans of the Republic. He explains the plan and even tells Bok where to find Aayla. Quin hopes that Dooku is finally happy with his performance, but the Count, as usual, has one more test.

Skorr brings out Khaleen. Dooku reveals that before she was an agent of Quinlan, she was one of his. And, to that end, she was keeping tabs on Quinlan using whatever means necessary including saying she loved him. She denies this for the most part, that she had grown to love Quin and hate Dooku.

Quin's anger begins to rise. He silently walks over and gives Khaleen a kiss before igniting his saber. He twirls it and cuts her bonds, before declaring his choice. He is Quinlan Vos and a Jedi.

Sora Bulq tries to convince Vos that he must surrender to escape, but at that moment Bok reports in that he has gone to the location Quinlan gave them, and there is no Jedi. Quinlan has lied.

One of the hooded Anzati says that he does that sometimes before revealing himself as Master Tholme. Quin is a little shocked to see him alive. Tholme briefly explains that he cut himself off from the Force to see which path Quinlan would choose.

Elsewhere Aayla watches as the explosives go off, spilling lava from the geothermal pumps into the base. It destroys the cloning facility and many clones. She reaches the main chamber to find her way blocked by a laser gate, and confronted by Bok.

Inside Sora Bulq and Tholme pair off in a tense battle while Quinlan and Skorr face each other lightsabers drawn. Skorr tries to get Quinlan off balance by telling him that Bulq is not the second Sith. That he has only been played for a fool, to which Quinlan retorts "Lies!"

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