Star Wars: General Grievous #2
April 2005
22ppg, $2.99

Colorist: Michelle Madsen

bird-like Bryndar mount

battle droid, CB-3D, Probe droid

Gentes, Bryndar, Banvhar Station

Ugnaught, Geonosian

Trade Federation landing ship, Cohasset

Trade Federation AAT (Armored Assault Tank), Ugnaught spider walker, Confederacy assault shuttles, STAP (Single Trooper Aerial Platform)

According to the inside cover, the events in this issue takes place 2 years after the Battle of Geonosis.

Discussion between Dooku and Grievous leads one to believe that Gentes (the homeworld of the Ugnaughts) was not the planet depicted in this issues assault. Later issues will indicate that it was in fact the moon of Belsus instead. However the opening pages' text is not clear on that point at all.
The planet Gentes in the Anoat system; home of the Ugnaught species and a rich mining world. Currently it is being invaded by General Grievous and his droid forces, who easily breaks their defenses and subjugates the peoples.

On Bryndar, Flynn Kybo is meditating half-naked in the cold night air. A local miner, Stellskard finds him and asks more about his plans to kill General Grievous, and then offers shelter as well as some assistance in his quest.

Herding the Ugnaughts into prison camps, Grievous discusses their fate with his Neimoidian companion. Meanwhile some battle droids offload the young Jedi padawan captives. They talk amongst themselves wondering what will happen, but Banz, a little boy, tells them they must bury their fear and face the day with courage.

Flynn has brought his compatriot Jedi to meet with Stellskard. Tone doesn't trust him, but Stellskard explains that there is a place where the hate for the Trade Federation burns bright.

He takes them to that place -- Banvhar station, a space port attached to an asteroid. Stellskard tells Flynn that the miners of these asteroids are defenseless and Grievous slaughters them for fun.

Count Dooku, via holocomm, praises Grievous for his well executed capture of the planet. He also wonders about the padawan hostages, indicating that they should be turned over to the Sith. Grievous confesses a curiosity about them and wishes to learn more.

Stellskard introduces the Jedi to Rini, his communications technician and they work at breaking into the Separatists coded transmissions. Flynn's droid helps out as well and they begin hearing part of the discussion between Grievous and Dooku.

Grievous wonders if the Force energy inside the padawans can be wedded with Geonosian technology. Dooku gives him permission to find out.

The transmission cut off there, but it was enough that Rini is able to pinpoint the Anoat system as the source of the signal. Tone thinks there are too many worlds to check, but Rini and Stellskard have a surprise up their sleeves; A trio of Probe droids which they launch in order to pinpoint the General's location.

Grievous confronts the young padawans on a balcony to let them know what their fate will be. When a young girl, Allara steps out and tries to confront Grievous with a lightsaber, he merely picks her up by her wrist and tells her of the power he holds. He gives the word and a blast from orbit incinerates a huge domed structure that holds the surviving Ugnaughts, destroying them all. He asks if the children now understand.

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