Star Wars: General Grievous #3
May 2005
22ppg, $2.99

Penciler, Cover Artist: Rick Leonardi

Probe droid, battle droid, R2 Unit, CB-3D, droideka (destroyer droid)


Banvhar miners

Geonosian, Ugnaught

cargo freighter, droid starfighter, Geonosian fanblade starfighter, Trade Federation Battleship, Cohasset

According to the inside cover, the events in this issue takes place 2 years after the Battle of Geonosis.

The appearance by Z'meer Bothu in this issue is most likely an editorial mistake. She appears in the meeting of Stellskard and the other Jedi on Banvhar station, but in issue #1 she did not join the other Jedi in leaving the Order and she is seen nowhere else in this issue or the series.

As mentioned in the previous issues comments, the planet invaded in issue #2 was in fact the moon of Belsus instead of the Ugnaught homeworld of Gentes. This fact is confused across these issues.
Three probots race across the void of space, homing in on General Grievous' transmission signature on the Ugnaught moon of Belsus. Flynn Kybo and the other rogue Jedi get confirmation of this location from Stellskard and his miners, and set off to hunt down the droid general.

In a mining facility on Belsus Grievous receives a report from his Neimoidian partner on the Geonosian production of droid parts. He is silently overheard by some of the probe droids which reveals itself by blasting a battle droid. Grievous pulls out his lightsaber and makes quick work of it. Standing over the droids smoldering carcass, he threatens the Neimoidian if he finds out he was involved in this incident.

Elsewhere on the moon, the Jedi padawan hostages are working together using their fledging force powers to try to open the door to their cell. Behind them a brick in the floor pops up and an Ugnaught miner pops up. They realize that he is there to free them.

Flynn, B'dard Tone, Codi Ty and a dozen miners load themselves onto Stellskard's ship and set off to satisfy their vengeance. While back on Belsus Commander Vulpus lands to observe the Generals production in action. The General points out his plan for utilizing the padawans to attempt a marriage of the Geonosian technology and their untapped dark-side powers. When they discover the padawans have gone missing, Grievous becomes quite irate.

The children follower the Ugnaught through the dark tunnel, but soon realize they are being followed by battle droids. The tunnel collapses on the battle droids, partly aided by the young padawans. When Vulpus indicates that he must inform Dooku, Grievous draws his lightsaber on the soldier. Vulpus changes his mind for the moment.

Stellskard's ship enters occupied space, but manages to sneak past the patrols by using a clever ruse of using remote control battle droid shells to pilot the ship through. Tone rallies the miners on the ship, while Rini picks up a signal indicating that the padawans have escaped from their cell. They sudden;y realize their mission of vengeance has become a mission of mercy.

The padawans make it out of the tunnel safely, basking in the warm light of the day, when the wall explodes and Grievous leaps out onto the rock bridge they are trying to cross, lightsabers drawn.

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