Star Wars: General Grievous #4
June 2005
22ppg, $2.99

Penciler, Cover Artist: Rick Leonardi

droideka (destroyer droid), battle droid

Belsus, Coruscant

Banvhar miners


Cohasset (disguised as Transport XXX-567-22B)

STAP (Single Trooper Aerial Platform)

According to the inside cover, the events in this issue takes place 2 years after the Battle of Geonosis.
A pair of battle droids approach the miner's disguised freighter, when the door bursts open and dozens of miners and three Jedi come leaping out. Flynn apologizes to Stellskard for making an unauthorized landing and blowing their cover, but they must rescue the endangered Jedi padawans from General Grievous.

The same General that is at this moment bearing down on these children who must make their way off the catwalks suspended high above the ground. A brave little girl causes a mining machine to fall on the walkway behind the droid general aiding in their escape.

The Jedi find the way to the lower complex is blocked and Stellskard suggests they must go back. Flynn senses the children below them.

Crossing a thin rock bridge over molten lava, the children are cornered by Grievous. Allara, the brave girl, takes one of the General's lightsabers and begins battling the four armed monster. She is quickly disarmed and about to be taught a fatal lesson, when Flynn Kybo and the other Jedi leap to their rescue from above. Codi Ty leads the padawans away from Flynn and B'dard as they fight off the General. Meanwhile Stellskard and his miners are busy defending their ride off the planet.

Grievous steps up the attack on the two Jedi and manages to slice off B'dard's robotic arm, before slicing him in two. Flynn gets quiet. He lets Grievous know that he is there to take revenge for the death of his Master on Vandos. Codi falters, feeling the death of his Master, but the padawans remind him that he has a mission to complete.

Flynn attacks Grievous repeatedly with force and anger. He realizes that his life may now be forfeit, but he plans to take Grievous with him. Using his dead partners lightsaber, Flynn causes the catwalk they are on to drop in to the lava. This also causes a chain reaction which threatens to blow up the the entire facility.

Stellskard is about to blast off when Codi and the padawans race into the hangar. They all depart as the entire facility blasts sky high!

Back on Coruscant Codi reports these facts to the Jedi Council. He understands that he has violated the code of the Jedi and will be unable to rejoin the Order. Yoda agrees and he feels that it was not worth the sacrifice, even if Grievous is dead.

General Grievous looks up out of the molten pit, still very much alive.

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