2008 The Clone Wars (Movie Release)
  01: Anakin Skywalker
  02: Darth Vader
  03: Wicket the Ewok
  04: C-3PO
  05: Padme Amidala
  06: Stormtrooper
  07: Yoda
  08: R2-D2
  09: Han Solo
  10: Chewbacca
  11: Luke Skywalker
  12: Princess Leia
  13: Asajj Ventress
  14: Boba Fett
  15: Ahsoka Tano
  16: General Grievous
  17: Obi-Wan Kenobi
  18: Captain Rex
2005 The Super Star Wars Collection (DVD Release)
  Breathing Sound Darth Vader Chase Toy
  ARC Clone Fighter Cosmic Cruiser
  Naboo Starfighter Cosmic Cruiser
  Snowspeeder Cosmic Cruiser
  Vulture Droid Cosmic Cruiser
  Bail Organa Shadow Caster
  Queen Amidala Shadow Caster
  R2-D2 Shadow Caster
  Stormtrooper Shadow Caster
  Anakin Skywalker Galactic Spinner
  Chewbacca Galactic Spinner
  Emperor Palpatine Galactic Spinner
  Luke Skywalker Galactic Spinner
  Kit Fisto Jedi Wisdom
  Mace Windu Jedi Wisdom
  Obi-Wan Kenobi Jedi Wisdom
  Yoda Jedi Wisdom
  Special Star Wars Packaging
Destiny Watches
  Episode I: The Phantom Menace
  Episode II: Attack of the Clones
  Episode III: Revenge of the Sith
  Episode IV: A New Hope
  Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back
  Episode VI: Return of the Jedi
2005 The Super Star Wars Collection (Movie Release)
  Discover the Mystery of Darth Vader Chase Toy
  Boga Plush Toy
  Chewbacca Plush Toy
  Jawa Plush Toy
  Tarfful Plush Toy
  Wampa Plush Toy
  Wicket Plush Toy
  Darth Vader's TIE Fighter Pull-Back
  Jedi Starfighter Pull-Back
  Landspeeder Pull-Back
  Millennium Falcon Pull-Back
  Podracer Pull-Back
  X-Wing Fighter Pull-Back
  C-3PO Viewer
  Darth Maul Viewer
  Luke Skywalker Viewer
  Mace Windu Viewer
  Obi-Wan Kenobi Viewer
  Princess Leia Organa Viewer
  Boba Fett Water Squirter
  Emperor Palpatine Water Squirter
  Jabba the Hutt Water Squirter
  Jar Jar Binks Water Squirter
  R2-D2 Water Squirter
  Super Battle Droid Water Squirter
  Clone Trooper Wind-Up
  General Grievous Wind-Up
  Han Solo Wind-Up
  Padmé Amidala Wind-Up
  Watto Wind-Up
  Yoda Wind-Up
  Special Star Wars Packaging
1999 Defeat the Dark Side
  Anakin Transforming Bank
  Anakin's Naboo Fighter
  Anakin's Podracer
  Anakin Viewer
  Collapsible Pit Droid
  Darth Maul's Sith Infiltrator
  Darth Maul's Sith Speeder
  Gungan Sub Squirter
  Hovering Watto
  Jar Jar Binks Squirter
  Jar Jar Binks Squishy
  Joking Jar Jar Binks
  Levitating Queen's Royal Starship
  Lott Dodd Walking Throne
  Naboo Ground Battle
  Opee Sea Creature Chaser
  Planet Coruscant
  Planet Naboo
  Planet Tatooine
  Pop Up Watto
  Queen Amidala's Hidden Identity
  Queen Amidala's Royal Starship
  Sebulba's Podracer
  Sith Holoprojector
  Sith Prode Droid Viewer
  Swimming Jar Jar Binks
  Trade Federation Droid Fighter
  Walking Sebulba
  Yoda's Jedi Destiny
1997 Special Edition Promotion
  Balancing Boba Fett
  Exploding Death Star
  Floating Cloud City
  Magic Cube
  Millennium Falcon Gyro
  Puzzle Cube
  R2-D2 Playset
  Yoda Figure
  C-3PO Topper
  Darth Vader Topper
  R2-D2 Topper
  Stormtrooper Topper
1977 - 1983 Vintage Collector Glasses
  1977 Star Wars
  1980 Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back
  1983 Star Wars: Return of the Jedi

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Back before the world wide web and social media ruled our shopping habits there was a long-established practice of driving around all the nearby toy stores to hunt down the latest releases. Obviously times have changed and online retail is far more important than it was twenty-five years ago - but has it killed the toy run? What was your shopping experience over the Triple Force Friday product launch weekend?
I managed to find everything I wanted in stores!
I found some but had to resort to big box websites to complete my haul.
I didn't bother stepping outside and ordered everything online.
I haven't bought any of the TFF product yet. Roll on clearance sales.
I'm waiting for the TV series/movie release before I commit.
I've so over it, no more Star Wars collecting for me.
Current Results