Rebelscum's 2002 Costume Contest!

Welcome to Rebelscum's 2002 Halloween Costume Contest! Here we've posted your Halloween costume creations for all to view, and give away some great prizes to the cream of the crop. Be sure to check out last year's Costume Contest page for even more fantastic costumes...
Adult Category Prizes Children Category Prizes
1- Carrie Fisher autograph 1- Playskool Arena Adventure
2- Ultarama Action Figure Display 2- Playskool Endor set
3- Hat  
Rules: All costumes must be Star Wars themed and in good taste. To enter your costume in this year's contest please email your photos to . All entries must be in JPG file format. Thanks and good luck!

Here are this year's winners!

Adult Category Winners:
1st - Thomas Spanos "Clone Emperor"
2nd - Erin Scott "Shaak Ti"
3rd - Ed and Amy "Bib and Leia"

Other finalists:
Frank D. "Han in Carbonite"
Richard Fairbrother "Hoth Trooper"
Derek Smith "Barada"
Isabel Singzon "Padme"
Oliver "Tusken Raider on Bantha"

Children's Category Winners:
1st - Jimmy "Chewbacca"
2nd - Avery Vokes "Jango Fett"

Other finalist:
Madison Poague "Zam Wessel"
Evan Schick "R2-D2"
Mara Jade Bono "Padme"


Brian Bohach as "Mini-Jango-Fett!"

Chuck Ruffing as "Boba Fett"

Karen Sarna as "Padme"

Jay, Diana and Avery Davenport as "The Skywalkers"

Avery Vokes as "Jango Fett"

Mike Haigler as "Boba Fett"

Jason Miller as "Jango Fett"

Ken B. & Family

Greg Evans as "Jedi Evag'r Paboth"

Larry & Evan Schick as "Chewbacca & R2-D2"

Brian Windsor and Shelly Bily as "Luminara Unduli and Plo Koon"

Ashly Anderson and Beth Small as "Jedi Padawans"

Robert Bean as "Darth Vader"

Harry Portman as"Jedi Knight Hyrra N'amtrop"

Rachel,Steve & Ethan as "Padme, Anakin & Yoda"

Mirax as "Slave Leia"

Paul Cuesta as "Anakin Skywalker"

Mike Demaine as "Han Solo"

Derek Smith as "Barada"

Brandi Messee as "Padme"

Brandi Messee & Derek Smith as "Padme & Rebel Fleet Trooper"

Brandi Messee & Lynn Duffield as " Princess Leia & Mon Mothma"

Mara Jade Bono as "Padme"

Julio as "Count Dooku"

Drew as "Darth Vader"

Jimmy as "Chewbacca"

Kevin Smith as "Twilek Jedi"

Richard Fairbrother as "Hoth Trooper"

Evan O'Dell as "Jedi"

Dan Flarida & Ben K. as "Clonetrooper and Jango Fett"

Lydia and Phoebe as "Padme & Jango Fett"

Dito Milian and Trinity Milian as "X-Wing Pilot & Ewok"

Glen Cruz as "Jango Fett"

Isabel Singzon as "Padme"

Dale Meyers as "Jedi"

Fatimah Ahmad Afandi as "Darth Maul"

Dave Jackson as "Jango Fett"

Marv Persinger as "Jedi"

Dave Simonds & Family as "Darth Vader, Leia & Obi-Wan"

Erin Scott as "Shaak Ti"

Maurice Lemus & Family as " Jango Fett, Clonetrooper, Ewok and Anakin"

Jochen Krassnitzer as "Darth Maul"

Frank D. (Niubniub) as "Carbonite Han Solo"

John Peck as "Imperial Officer"

William Millhorn as "Anakin Skywalker"

Ed and Amy as "Bib Fortuna and Slave Leia"

Madison Poague as "Zam Wesell"

Thomas Spanos as "The Clone Emperor"

Mychal Zimny as "Qui Gon"

Jay Newnum as "Jango Fett"

Shana as "Padme"

Charles & Patty as "Imperial Officer & Padme"

Drake as "Jedi Knight"

Nick Gautier as a "Jedi"

Rob W. as "Han Solo"

Toby & Carmen Markham as "Jango Fett & Jocasta Nu"

Bree Weaver & Dena Mohr as "Padme"

Freddie Catalano as Yoda

David Ness as Darth Maul, Cathy Catalano as Leia, Fred Catalano as Qui-Gon

Carla Tyson as Leia

Thomas Meyer as a Jedi

Kayley Fecora Chieh as Yoda

Rob as Qui-Gon

Oliver as a Tusken Raider riding a Bantha

Joseph and Corrinne Tovar as Jango Fett & Darth Maul

San Diego Comic-Con 2014
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9- Seabiscuit
10- Jabba Kong
11- Trying To Win The Trophy
12- Ben Hutt
13- Eight Seconds
14- Wrecking Ball
15- Aaaaall You Can Eat
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19- Weebles Wobble
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