Posted by Curto on July 8, 2004 at 11:59 AM CST
Beginning with issue #21 in September, the quarterly anthology Star Wars Tales undergoes a radical retooling. Over the course of its five-year run, Tales has presented a large collection of short, non-continuity Star Wars stories ranging wildly in style and tone, careening between the deadly serious and the absolutely absurd, doing its best to cast as wide a net over as broad an audience as possible.

Tales will be moving away from being a compilation of disparate, “what if?” style stories and becoming more of a companion to the other Star Wars monthlies (Empire and Republic) filled with longer, in-continuity adventures that span every Star Wars era.

Whether you’re a fan of the Old Republic, the Prequel era, the Classic Trilogy, or the New Jedi Order, you’re sure to find something to love in the book. Each issue will provide an era synopsis and timeline placements to help make the Star Wars Expanded Universe completely accessible and your first trip there thoroughly enjoyable.

In addition to the content, Tales’ format also gets a makeover—the page count remains the same, but it will be delivered on a new, slick paper stock and held together with a new binding and a new cover stock. Inside, every issue will contain a 22-page, full-length “lead” story, and a pair of similarly sized “back-up” stories, giving each the space and breathing room it needs to fully develop its characters and plots. Best of all, we’ll see the return of something fans have been clamoring for—the Star Wars letter column.

Issue #21 kicks off with Cla$$war writer Rob Williams and Man of Steel artist Brandon Badeaux teaming up to bring you the story of Darca Nyl—a Jedi wandering the galaxy’s Outer Rim hunting for revenge and hiding a deadly secret. Writer Shane McCarthy presents a rag-tag group of convicts and cutthroats flying for the Empire’s glory in the feared TIE Fighter squadron called “Black Eight.” And Kyle Katarn, star of the hit video game Jedi Outcast, goes toe-to-toe with the vile Yuuzhan Vong, in an action-packed tale by Nathan P. Butler and James Raiz (Tokyo Storm Warning).

Star Wars Tales #21 arrives on sale September 8, with a retail price of $5.99
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