Star Wars: Empire 21 Star Wars: Republic 66 Star Wars Tales 20
Posted by Curto on June 30, 2004 at 07:45 PM CST
Today's new comic book releases from Dark Horse include three new Star Wars titles from across the galaxy and spanning the timeline.

First up is Star Wars: Empire #21, which is part 2 of "A Little Piece of Home" by Ron Marz and Tom?s Giorello, with a cover by David Michael Beck. Princess Leia and her ex-boyfriend Raal Panteer are stranded in a game preserve on a small moon in the Ryloth system, surrounded by deadly creatures. Can they make it out alive? You can check out an online preview here.

Who's hunting who? It's all-out Jedi action in Star Wars: Republic #66! The second half of "Show of Force" by John Ostrander, Jan Duursema, and Dan Parsons features Mace Windu, Kit Fisto, Saesee Tiin, and Agen Kolar unleashed against an army of bloodthirsty bounty hunters. Special note: this Clone Wars issue also features an important development in the ongoing story of Quinlan Vos...not to be missed! You can check out an online preview here.

Finally, we have Star Wars Tales #20, which was originally planned to be the final issue in the series, and it's easy to see why. With ten short stories with titles like "Who's Your Daddy", "Luke Skywalker: Detective", "Nobody's Perfect", and "Melvin Fett"...these stories exemplify exactly what was wrong with this series. So, this series was headed for cancellation.

Enter LucasFilm. With LFL's request to keep the series going, a change in direction was called for. Starting with issue #21 in September, gone are the "Infinities"-type tales that are abundant in this issue. Now everything will be "canon" and take place within the universe. Taking charge of this revamp will be new editor Jeremy Barlow, as revealed in the editorial page strips.

I for one look forward to seeing the results and am glad that issues like this one will be a thing of the past. You can check out an online preview here.

This issue is also available with a photo cover.

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