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The Star Wars Miniatures line features 60 ready-to-play miniatures from the Star Wars universe. You'll find heroes, villains, droids, creatures, and aliens of all descriptions. You can play out your favorite movie scenes, add the miniatures to your role-playing sessions, or trade and collect the miniatures set by set.

The miniatures represent a diverse tableau of Star Wars characters: Rebels, Imperials, Jedi, scoundrels, and aliens from all walks in life. Each miniature is at 34mm scale. They range in size from small to large. All are fully assembled and painted.

Each miniature comes with a two-sided stat card. One side has the character's description for skirmish combat. Each character's strengths, weaknesses, Force powers, and special abilities are spelled out. Some miniatures are commanders, and they improve the fighting ability of the other characters in their squads. The other side of the stat card has the sketch of the character used to create the sculpt.

Star Wars Miniatures Starter Sets give you everything you need to play fast, challenging skirmish battles. You get 8 random and 2 exclusive miniatures (Luke and Vader), a stat card for each miniature, a foldout battle grid (with a Death Star map on one side), 8 terrain tiles, a 20-sided die (d20), and the skirmish rulebook. Starter sets retail for around 20 bucks.

Each Star Wars Miniatures Booster Pack includes 7 random miniatures and their stat cards. Use them to build bigger and better squads, or add them to your Star Wars role-playing sessions. Each booster pack contains one Rare or Very Rare figure. Boosters retail for around 12 bucks.

You don?t know what you are getting in each box, so it becomes more of luck of the draw on what you get. The Miniatures come in several rarities. Common ones include the Stormtrooper(in several poses), Rebel Trooper, and even a Wookie Soldier. Uncommon ones include Twi?lek Bodyguard, Duros Merc, and even Royal Guards. Rares are the named characters like Mara Jade (the only EU character so far), Grand Moff Tarkin, Han Solo, etc. Very Rares are the highlight of the set, and some of those are the Wampa, Sandtrooper on Dewback, Luke Jedi knight and Darth Vader Sith Lord. The current set, Rebel Storm, includes minis spanning all three movies of the Original Trilogy.

I played the game with my Nephew and we had a blast. The game is easy to pick up and learn. We were playing within minutes of opening a Starter Box. Chris picked the Rebels, and I picked the Imperials. Building our squads was simple; the build totals are in 100-point increments, though you can set it at any point cost. The figures have 4 stats, Defense, Attack, Damage, and Hit Points. The Starter box gives you a 20-sided die to use in the game. To attack, you simply roll the die and add your attack rating to the number. If you beat the defense rating of your target, you hit! Certain modifiers adjust your defense and/or your attack rating. Damage and Hit Points are all in increments of 10 to simplify things. No need to count off single hit points. A Stormtrooper takes one hit to fall. Others, like the Elite Rebel Trooper takes two shots from a Stormtrooper before he falls.

Games are fast, often times you can complete it in around 30 minutes. Large battles of course take longer time. You can create your own scenarios or take directly from the films. The game definitely gives you that ?What If?? idea, like attempting to secure the Shield Bunker on Endor, and actually having the Rebels lose. Ever want to stomp on those Ewoks? Now you can!

The only thing the game lacks is vehicles at the moment. The only two vehicles right now are the speeder bikes, but I have discovered some alternatives with using the old Action Fleet vehicles, albeit small, serve their purpose quite nicely as props. Also, Episodes I, II and III will represented by a new expansion set due out in December called Clone Strike; it?s supposed to feature an Episode III Character!

Out of 5 stars, I give this product a 4. It?s fun, simple, and a great time enjoyed by all. The only drawback is the cost, but it?s comparable to most Collectable Miniatures Games. You can find the game at most Comic Shops, and Hobby Shops. I?ve also noted that it?s been selling out quite fast.

As was once said in the movies: ?He asks the impossible. We need more men.? So I?m off to go buy a couple more boosters! I don?t want to make the Emperor Angry?

I?ve got a couple pics of the rule book, and booster box. Sitting next to the booster boxes are three large stacks of cards. These are all of my figures so far; Fringe, Imperial, and Rebel.

I?ve also included pics of a 100 point ?Blizzard Force?. General Veers and 8 Snow Troopers, of which 4 are ?elite?.

I currently have 29 Stormtroopers, with more on the way. I?m trading some of my extras on a site called It?s a site for tracking your collection of Star Wars Minis, as well as your D&D Minis. If you know of anyone interested in some extra figs, let me know. I?ve got 193 figs!
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