Posted by Nick on December 8, 2017 at 05:00 AM CST
If you did not get the "Detail" joke, then you probably do not collect Beast Kingdom's Egg Attack Action figures. Well, probably because they do not distribute in the US yet (although they said it was coming in 2018 when we spoke to them at San Diego Comic Con this year).

What are they? To draw comparisons, they have the same level of detail and functionality as Hot Toys figures, except they are super deformed and close to a six-inch scale. They usually retail around $75 as well, so a lot more affordable.

Why should I care? Once you check them out, it is pretty hard not to get taken away by just how awesome these little guys are. The droids really light up and project holograms, the First Order Stormtroopers have a magnetic leg so the side arm sticks in place, they have alternate hands for posing, and some like Vader feature sounds and light sequencing matching the movies They are also far more possible than Hasbro super articulated figures and carry some bulk, so they just look really cool.

What would make a good gift? Well this month I recommend you try the first wave of the Rogue One figures. In particular, Rogue One Darth Vader and Rogue One Stormtrooper.

This Darth Vader is simply the best one Beast Kingdom has done so far. Among other things, it features a light up lightsaber with removable blade that can be mounted on his belt via an actual ring, a sequenced light up chest box, and also the breathing sound! The detail in the gloves are amazing. The only thing I did not like was the robe was incorrectly displayed under the armor, however, you can easily remedy that yourself since the robe and belt are removable. The helmet and knee armor also have a nice metallic finish and the top dome removes to give you a little under the helmet detail. You can pick this up from BigBadToyStore right here. Currently sold out but stock changes frequently, so check back.

The Stormtrooper is an improved version (and cheaper) of an earlier model. This one features a metallic chrome E-11 blaster with the flashlight attachment and the new pistol from Rogue One that K-2SO used. The major improvement here is the lenses are finally green! There is also a sand tint to some areas, making it clear that this guy did a tour on Jedha. You can also pick this one up from BigBadToyStore right here.

Not exactly from the figure line, but I thought I would spotlight the latest floating vehicle, the U-Wing! This is awesome because not only does it hover using electromagnets but it wirelessly powers up and the wings open and close. A great display piece and a must have for any tech nerd and Star Wars enthusiast (not always the same). You can find more details and buy it at BigBadToyStore for the best price I have seen here.

For questions on current available and future planned Beast Kingdom Star Wars products, please contact Nick. Contact info is in the staff pulldown menu.
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