Posted by D_Martin on September 24, 2012 at 11:09 PM CST
Through The Eyes Of AnthonyP

Celebration VI was an experience I?ll always remember. From meeting my Rebelscum / / ForceCast teammates, to a plethora of people throughout the Rebelscum forum community, it was definitely a time worth celebrating.

I arrived the first day where I was finally able to meet D. Martin Myatt whom I was working with on CoolToyReview for a while. From there he took me around where I met Philip Wise, Jovial Jay, Dustin Roberts, Adam Lamping, Rich Alot, Mike Barrick, Eric Geller, Jimmy Mac, Jason Swank, Grahame Wright, Chris Wyman and Shane Turgeon. All of these guys were so awesome to get to know over a period of five days. Being the new guy, I was glad I clicked with everyone right from the start.

I spent the majority of Celebration hanging out at the Rebelscum booth handing out raffle tickets and patches. Doing so, I was able to meet Jedi_Rainman, DarthBeek, Deathstar1000, and a ton of other Scummers whom I would converse with over the forums for the past several years.

The first day was: ?Name all three catch-phrases for Rebelscum,, and Forcecast? websites. When we realized that this proved to be too difficult for the majority (there were troopers who remembered right off the bat), the next day we decided to go with something a little easier; ?Name only one catch-phrase for either Rebelscum,, or Forcecast? website. The line was much shorter this go-around and we were able to hand out a lot more tickets.

Then the last two days came around. We wanted to make things fun and interesting, so we decided to have people quote their favorite Star Wars movie quote from any of the six films. Of course, I received a lot of ?I love you? phrases where I responded with ?I know?, which gave everyone a lot of laughs.

All-in-all, I had a blast meeting everyone at the Rebelscum booth and would do it again in a heartbeat. I just want to give a special thanks to the man who brought me down to help out; Philip Wise. With his help, I made a ton of new friends and bonded with my new teammates.

They say ?.. a friend is someone who inspires, who challenges, who sends you in search of some truer sense of yourself..?, and I believe this quote to be one hundred percent true. As I continue to grow and work with my teammates, the limits of our potential as both a team and as individuals are boundless. As a 21year-old I am truly lucky to be surrounded by such a great team and community.
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