Posted by D_Martin on September 27, 2012 at 10:09 PM CST

You've heard my stories about Star Wars Celebration VI on The Weekly ForceCast, now you can see what I saw during that wild week in Florida...

...I saw Dave Filoni coolly strolling along, taking in the atmosphere on the exhibit hall floor..

...I saw "Where's Kitster?" T-shirts, bumper stickers, pins, milk cartons, and flyers everywhere I went...

...I saw "An Evening with Kevin Smith" where, as Jason Swank put it on The ForceCast, "Kevin bled Star Wars all over the stage that night"...

...I saw pretty babes with stormtrooper fingernails at the ForceCast/TFN/Rebelscum/Fan Force Party...

...I saw Green Lantern and Captain American Mandalorians...

...I saw a row of Wookiees line up for the Rebel Legion group photo...

...I saw tons of cool cosplayers, like Lando, Ewoks, Queen Amidala, and a group of Wilrow Hoods...

...I saw my old pal Blake who I met a few years ago at a banquet for George Lucas in Chicago. Blake was only 15 at the time, but he had experienced many harsh medical treatments at a young age. Blake was able to have the opportunity to meet George thanks to the efforts of some charitible organizations. Blake still had the old poster of his father's that GL signed for him in Chicago back in 2009 and he was happy to add the autographs of Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher and Anthony Daniels to his cherished poster. He was also happy to report that his health was well too!

...I saw the season five premiere of The Clone Wars and attended the red carpet event with Sam Witwer, Ashley Eckstien, Stephen Stanton, David Collins and Dave Filoni, among others. A wild evening!

...I saw Jason sharing a cool beverage with torture droid 8-D8...

...I saw Slave Leia girls acting not-so-shy...

...I say my old buddy Kathy Van Beuningen who did an amazing job running the Fan Stage and who could not say no to any Star Wars temporary tattoo that she came across...

....I saw main stage show host, the talented James Arnold Taylor, do an incredible and entertaining job...Until Seth Green summoned a group of Mandos to come in an take him away...

...I saw G.L. in da house!!!

...I saw sexy Wookiee babes...

...I saw my 13 year old become attached to a big bantha in the Rancho Obi-Wan Experience...

...I saw legendary Star Wars Producer Robert Watts get an old tattoo touched up in the tattoo pavallion. Watts, upon seeing my son Michael with his natural red hair, immediately felt a bond with the young man. Being a fellow "ginger" himself, Robert asked Michael if he ever gets picked on by the other kids at his school and he related an old rhyme his classmates used to sing at him:
"Ginger Head You're Blarmey...
Couldn't Join The Army...
Got Knocked Out with a Bottle of Stout
Ginger Head You're Blarmey..."
Upon hearing this, Michael replied "The kids in my school aren't so clever!"
Robert Watts told me the tattoo he was getting touched up was a special one he originally got years ago in Hawaii. The word on his inner forearm read "AKILAA'VA", a phrase used by Hawaiian navigators which means "By The Son of The Goddess of the Winds". Watts also told me he is a cancer survivor who is working on a book. A fascinating man, I look forward to reading his book when it's finished! I interviewed Robert back at Fan Days in 2008.

...I saw Santa Vader talking to a good little girl...
...I saw another good little girl, my friend Anne Neumann from Rancho Obi Wan...
...And I saw the disturbing sight of Jay Shepard wearing a Star Wars apron from The Celebration Store with no shirt on underneath. Why is topless Jovial Jay becoming a Celebration tradition?

Glad you could share in my perspective of the sights of CVI...What did you see?

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