Posted by Curto on December 12, 2008 at 10:00 AM CST
Our Rebel Spies are hard at work again and they've uncovered another juicy rumor list for everyone's reading pleasure. As always, keep in mind this is a rumor list, and not an official confirmation. More details, if there are any, will be announced at a later date. But for now, let the speculation begin!

There is a bit more to this list that our typical rumor list reports, since we've also gotten our hands on some corresponding UPC codes to go along with them. Still, take this all with a grain of salt, as always, since these are intercepted communications! But since part of the fun of being a fan is to speculate, here are the latest Outer Rim reports of possible toys from BOTH The Legacy Collection and The Clone Wars.

The Legacy Collection
Backing up one of our previous reports, here's a bit more info on what seems to be a wave dedicated to Attack of the Clones:

53569-38210 Obi-Wan Kenobi
53569-38211 Beru Lars
53569-38212 Owen Lars
53569-38213 Captain Typho
53569-38214 Anakin Skywalker
53569-38215 Tarados Gon
53569-38216 Anakin Skywalker
53569-38217 Jango Fett
53569-38218 Clone Trooper
53569-38219 Clone Pilot

This is a bit strange to see, since Hasbro didn't mention 9 figures from AOTC in their recent list for 2009.

As for more "traditional" rumored figures, here's a new batch of some familiar names, possibly from the second A New Hope wave for next fall:

Saurin (Hrchek Kal Fas)
Danz Borin
Imperial Scanning Tech
Rebel Officer/Commander (Rebel Fleet Trooper?)

The Clone Wars
From the record-breaking animated series, this line continues to be popular with younger fans.

53569-37822 ARC Trooper ($6.97)
53569-37823 Super Battle Droid Ser ($6.97)
53569-37824 Admiral Yularen ($6.97)
53569-37826 Jawa 2pk ($6.97)

Action Figure Battle Packs
Much like we have seen in 2008, this series will continue to mix both TLC and TCW into the case assortments. While it's not specifically mentioned just exactly which line the following fall into, it is easy to make some guesses...

53569-35954 Escape Mos Eisley ($21.76)
53569-35955 Geonosis Arena ($21.76)
53569-38021 Ambush in the Outer Rim ($19.97)
53569-38020 Search for R2-D2 ($19.97)
53569-38022 Geonosis Assualt ($19.97)

Unleashed Battle Packs
While not specifically listed as such, the pricepoint and naming convention suggests these may be new sets from this army-building line that continues to decorate desktops.

53569-35058 Obi-Wan Batallion ($10.96)
53569-35057 Commander Fox's Coruscant Guard ($10.96)
53569-35056 Clone Wars Pilots ($10.96)
53569-35055 Jedi vs. Droids ($10.96)

Possible 2-Packs
It's not entirely clear just WHAT these are meant to be, but it's likely that these are the successors to the "Order 66" and "Droid Factory" type of 2-packs we've seen in the past. It's also not known if these are meant to be TLC or TCW figures.

53569-38209 Separatist Villains ($10.96)
53569-34529 Hero and Droid ($10.96)

Want to weigh in on the latest rumor list? Join in the discussions right now TLC forums and TCW forums.

As with any rumor list, take this all with a grain of salt, because it's not official, and may just be idle speculation. But that's part of the fun of being a fan, isn't it?