Posted by Mark on February 3, 2005 at 01:30 AM CST
From the looks of it, this modest little game is set to pack quite a punch. According to our sources, the initial wave will consist of 34 basic Attacktix figures, and 2 Deluxe Attacktix. Between randomly packed booster sets and blind packaged 'secret' figures, chasing down a complete collection could prove a costly challenge. Still for those whose interest has been peaked, here's a list of the figures you can expect to find:

Booster Packs (Random)
#01 Battle Droid
#02 Super Battle Droid
#03 Wookiee Warrior
#04 Clone Trooper
#05 Clone Trooper (B)
#06 Padmé
#07 Plo Koon
#08 Bail Organa
#09 Wookiee Commando
#10 V-Wing Pilot
#11 Count Dooku
#12 Clone Captain
#13 Grievous Bodyguard
#14 Neimodian Warrior
#15 BARC Trooper
#16 Darth Vader
#17 Emperor Palpatine
#18 Ki Adi Mundi
#19 Mace Windu
#20 Shaak Ti
#21 Clone Commander
#22 Chewbacca
#23 Agen Kolar
#24 Emperor w/ Possession Power
#25 Nute Gunray
#26 Anakin Skywalker Hero - Blaster
#27 Obi Wan Kenobi - Projectile
#28 General Grievous - Projectile
#29 Captain Tarfull
#30 Yoda

Starter Sets (Random w/ Seceret Figure)
#01 Battle Droid
#02 Super Battle Droid
#03 Wookiee Warrior
#04 Clone Trooper
#05 Clone Trooper (B)
#31 Obi Wan Kenobi-Lightsaber
#32 Anakin Skywalker-Ligthsaber
#33 Wookiee Commando
#34 BARC Trooper

Deluxe Figures (Window Pack)
Deluxe Boga
Deluxe AT-RT

As always, details and information are subject to change.
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